Operating Leases for Schools

16th June 2010
People working on tablets and computers

The Demands on the Education Sector have changed considerably in the recent years and as budgets tighten leasing has become increasingly important to schools & colleges acquiring equipment they need without a large capital outlay. Schools are under pressure from both parents and educationalists to provide up to date computers but the Nations finances are not in a fit state to provide any longer !
There are rules set by an Act from 2002 that must be complied. The Good news is,  we offer compliant Operating Leases with a residual value at the end of the agreement which makes the monthly, quarterly &  annual payments lower and can be signed by the school alone- without referring to the LEA.
The lower rentals means less pressure on the budget. An Operating lease can also make regular upgrades and updates more affordable.
As an Example Cost :…….
Capital Value: £100,000 :  Annual  Operating Lease pricing: £33,332.06 per Annum
Total Cost of Usage over the 3 year period: £99,996.16
The prices are based upon standard PC’s or laptops. If you are looking at Apple equipment to lease for your school then this figure will be nearer £32,000 per annum. This is because Apple Macs have a greater resale value for us at the end of the 3 year lease.
Note that with an Operating Lease (that is ONLY available to educational/government establishments) the equipment is returned at the end of the lease. If you wish to include ownership then a HardSoft Flexi-Lease offers this but at extra cost. Contact us for more details.