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Lots to talk about this month so bear with us on the ramblings of a group of  mad (sales)man………..

Mac Stuff…….

Microsoft Office for Mac now has support for the MacBook with Touch Bar. Update your software and have a look. It’s amazing.

Be careful on USB-C accessories on the 15” MacBook Pro Touch Bar – not all work and we have had issues on some- even some well reviewed products. Cheap imports could even damage your computer as they don’t have the correct power.  We recommend the OWC Dock which has 13 ports, and the chassis is either Space Grey or Silver. The original OWC didn’t have enough power, the Caldigit fails us on the 4K, and now we have a new OWC. Also got on order in with Bourge for their very smart looking circular 7in1 USB-C solution. USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 displays are still an issue some four months after the launch of a new MacBook.

Part Exchange Values on Macs have improved- just as Apple put prices up then this rise was reflected last year in a rise in part-ex values. We have also had clarification from HMRC and now quote Excluding VAT – effectively that’s 20% more.

Lacie ThunderBolt 3 storage now available we like the 1TB external ruggedised SSD. However at the other end of the scale the Lacie 12big is Thunderbolt 3 and can give upto 48TB of storage. There’s new storage choices from Promise and the new Pegasus3.

New Apple iPad- replacing the iPad Air 2 is the faster ‘iPad’. Available in 32GB and 128GB it is 5% cheaper than the previous Air2 but is slightly thicker and heavier. 

Mac Business Bundle … For £1.25 on a 27” iMac you can get Office 2016 , 16GB RAM and few other extras. Massive value.

Shortcut Keyboard Covers from EditorsKeys-   After seeing these at the recent Broadcast Video Exhibition, we have just taken these on as they are very useful for Adobe and Final Cut Pro users. There’s also a backlit replacement keyboard for FCP.

Wacom are famous for Digitising tablets. They are moving with the times and the Mobile StudioPro is a fully featured slate computer with 3D Camera – great for 3D sculptors. If you haven’t looked at what they do for the Creative Professional then dive in again. Imagine an iPad Pro with a proper pen , decent graphics and an i7 CPU.

Discounts again – we changed the system last month. This new structure means certain products are automatically discounted ! So the MacBook 15” Touch Bar is £23.35 per week……… if you upgraded it to the i7-2.9Ghz and up to 4GB graphics which takes it to £25.75 then take off 3% and it’s £24.97… Basically it’s a free upgrade to the 4GB Graphics.

 PC Stuff………..

Need a ‘small’ but fully featured PC then the Dell Vostro i5 will physically fit into your hand. Available as a chassis for mounting under a desk or mounts onto the back of a normal display.

Microsoft Surface Price hold– A few weeks back Microsoft uplifted pricing on the Surface Pro 4 -up by about 15% . Good news is that we still have a few units left at the old price and also have a free Type Cover on i5 and i7 variants. Limited Stocks – email me to see whats available.

A few ‘deals’ at the moment on PC’s.. Need a lightweight fully featured Windows Laptop? . HP EliteBook Folio 1020- 12.5” TouchScreen, 512GB SSD. Massive spec at £6.95 per week. It’s 25% cheaper than we can find on the web.  Got a mobile AllInOne scanner/printer to go along with it for an extra £2.00. We just have a few too many and need to move them on…….

HP i7 Desktops and HP i7 Laptops- not on our website and have a few available at circa 20% off at the moment but only from me.

Ransomware software – Now offering Sophos Intercept X an on monthly subscription basis if it helps. I have attached some Responsible computing Posters you may want to print and display. I can send you A2 versions if you let me know.

Strongbox and Dell PC Workstations–  A few customers are getting frustrated with speed at the moment. With no refresh of the Mac Pro, we have several customers moving to PC’s. With most software being subscriptions, its easy to move licensing from Mac to PC. Max spec on a Mac Pro is 12 cores. I have PC’s that have 24 Core PC at a similar price.  And HP Z840 that offers a 22 core CPU and will take two processors- that’s 44 cores ! Back in 2013 the Mac Pro offered brilliant value in terms of ‘ bang for bucks’.  However, with no updates and a price rise last year of 20% it’s struggling.

That’s it for the moment…Call us on 0207 1111 643 or email info@hardsoft.co.uk for anything you need further elaboration on whether a new or existing client.

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