Last week, Apple unveiled its latest and greatest announcement to date. The much anticipated conference materialised many rumours that have plaguing the internet for the last couple of months and revealed some new, slightly unexpected products for the Apple family. 

For the last 10 years the Mac has outgrown the industry, PC desktops and laptops are on the decline but Apple products have continued to grow, by a massive 20% last year! The latest addition to the Mac family is the most efficient notebook ever created, the Apple MacBook.

Updated MacBook Air

The MacBook Air models have had a slight upgrade this year. Featuring the new 5th Generation processors, the specification of the MacBook Air has gone from a Dual-Core i5 – 1.4GHz processor to a slightly better Dual-Core i5 – 1.6GHz. The new processors do not greatly affect the performance of the machine but have an impact on the battery life of the MacBook Air. You can now get up to 9 hours of battery life from the 11-inch MacBook Air and an impressive 12 hours of battery life from the 13in MacBook Air. The graphics card that features in the new MacBook Air’s have been upgraded as well, so you now get faster and crisper graphics, especially noticeable when playing games and using graphic-intensive applications. The Flash Storage has also been upgraded, it is now twice as fast as before for efficient upload and retrieval of data. The 11″ Air starts at £6.70 per week and the 13″ is from £7.55 per week plus VAT on a three years business lease with three years warranty.

Updated MacBook Pro 13in Retina


New 13″ Retina

Another product range from Apple that has been slightly upgraded this year. The MacBook Pro 13in Retina also feature the new Dual Core 5th Generation processors, with improvements from the i5 – 2.6GHz to i5 – 2.7GHz and the top level specification has increased from i5 – 2.8GHz to i5 – 2.9GHz. Again, the 5th Generation processors focus more on increasing battery life than improving processing speeds so it is only a slight improvement on performance from the previous models. The graphics in the MacBook Pro 13in Retina have been upgraded as well, from the Intel Iris Graphics in the previous models to the new Intel Iris Graphics 6100.The Flash Storage has also been upgraded, it is now twice as fast as before. Extra features are an upgrade to Thunderbolt 2 and what we think is the amazing Force Touch trackpad.This is the only Mac note book available yet with this technology.

There were no announcements made for the MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina so far this year. The 15″ is Quad Core and as yet Intel haven’t got a new processor, Apple are yet to make an upgrade for the quad-core processors therefore it is only the dual-core processors that received the processor upgrade.

All new ‘MacBook’

macbook 12inch

Available in Grey,Gold or traditional Silver is the new “MacBook”

This new Apple MacBook is stunning BUT NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL THE MIDDLE OF APRIL . The lightest and thinnest ever Mac notebook, at just over 1KG and 13.1mm thin, it is ideal for users that are constantly on the move. The new MacBook is 24% thinner than the current Air version but Apple have managed to maximise every centimeter of the MacBook. Featuring a full size, edge to edge keyboard, which is 40% thinner than the previous keyboard but Apple still manage to increase surface area of the keys by a massive 17% for increased typing accuracy and user friendliness. The MacBook has a new 12in, edge to edge Retina display with a screen resolution of 2304×1440, thats over 3.3 million pixels! The new screen uses 30% less energy but achieves the same brightness as other retina displays. It is also the thinnest display that has ever been used in a Mac adding to its sleek and elegant look. A new chassis has no fans for cooling makes the MacBook the first fanless and silent MacBook ever.

With a new smaller logic board the MacBook allows more space for the new contoured battery cells increasing battery life by 35%. You can get 9 hours of web browsing and up to 10 hours of iTunes movie playback from the new MacBook. To aid with its ultra thin design, Apple have used a single USB-C port in the new MacBook, which can combine several functions such as power, USB data transfer, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA capabilities. A new Force Touch trackpad has been added to the MacBook that detects how much pressure is being applied and has different functions for these pressures, for example a hard press of the touchpad on Safari will bring up a Wikipedia page relating to the content you selected. The Force Touch trackpad is fully customisable, so users can choose how much pressure is required to initiate the functions on the trackpad.

Available in two specifications, both featuring the new Intel Core M processor, one with a dual-core 1.1GHz CPU, 256Gb Flash at £9.40 plus VAT per week on a flexible lease  and the other has a 1.2GHz CPU, 512GB Flash at £ 11.40 plus VAT per week  Both with 8GB RAM standard and 3 years warranty.

Apple Watch

“The most personal device ever created!” says Apple .Packed full of features that will support and improve the way we live our lives- says Apple. Take calls, receive notifications, read emails and much much more and it can even tell the time! Its not just the everyday features that will revolutionise how we live and work everyday but the amazing focus on ‘Health’ and ‘Medical Research’. The Apple Watch tracks your daily movements, tells you if you have sat down for too long and will track and report on your exercise habits. Over 900 apps have been created already.

lease or buyLeasing the new MacBooks makes sennse. leasing is both a financial solution for cash flow but also allows you to upgrade when you want just like a mobile phone contract. With warranty and cover achgainst Accidental Damage theres few if any extras to pay for. For the last 10 years the Mac has outgrown the industry, PC desktops and laptops are on the decline but Apple products have continued to grow, by a massive 20% last year! All new Apple products can supplied and financed from HardSoft Computers, get the latest and most advanced Macs available on the market on a cost effective flexi-lease with a full warranty and technical support included. 


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