Most incredible images drawn on the iPad Pro

25th January 2016
iPad And iMac

For a while, computer generated art was just those hidden 3D optical illusions which many revered but others loathed (I, for one, have still never been able to see any of the hidden images, despite multiple hours spent fixated and frustrated).
Naturally, they weren’t for the traditionalists, who – funnily enough – preferred traditional methods of art creation: the trusty paintbrush, a well-sharpened pencil, a photo/film camera, or simply clay and a pair of hands.
But the tides have turned. Technology continues to whizz by us so fast that the artists’ paintbrushes have yet to dry, and it does seem that more and more art is now being created on portable devices, particularly tablets like the iPad Pro.
It’s clear to see why, too. The clarity and control an average Joe artist can now have on computer drawing apps would have been unprecedented just 15 years ago. For professional artists and designers, the iPad Pro is becoming a must-have piece of kit.
To show you what we mean, we’ve gathered together some of the most incredible images drawn on the iPad Pro.

James Jean

When a well-respected visual artist (heralded for his work for DC Comics, Prada, Rolling Stone, ESPN and more) got his hands on the iPad Pro, we knew the outcome was going to be outstanding. James Jean is considered one of the top fine artists working today. This was created using the Apple pencil.

A photo posted by James Jean (@jamesjeanart) on


The stunning ‘Chinatown’ by Nikolai Lokertsen was created using the apps Procreate and Snapseed. Chinatown


Who doesn’t love a cat photo? Well, this isn’t a photo but actually a hyper-real image created by Olechka. Image source:

Golden Retriever

Sticking with the animal images for a moment, here’s another amazingly real-life image titled ‘Golden Retriever’, created by Rafael Co using Procreate. Golden Retriever

Dad n son

Here’s another incredible piece from Nikolai Lockertsen, again painted on the iPad Pro using Procreate. This was dedicated to the artist’s son on his 4th birthday. Dad n son

Celebrity portraits

Artist Kyle Lambert created this amazing portrait of Morgan Freeman using nothing but a finger, his iPad and the Procreate app. Check out a video of him at work below.

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