Macs Aren’t Just For Creatives Anymore

16th November 2021
Macs aren't just for creatives anymore

November 2020 saw the release of the hotly anticipated Apple M1 chips in Mac computers.

Naturally, this wasn’t met with intrigue simply because it’s a new release from Apple, but also because this is the first time in a very long while that Apple have made their own chips.

Mac used to use intel and now use m1 chip

For decades Apple have been using Intel chips in their Macs. The result is that there is often plenty of similarity between the performance of PCs and Macs of the same level. After all, they were both using the same chip technology.

The release of the M1 chip changes all that. Upon release, expectations were rapidly blown away. The M1 chips outperform Intel chips on speed by huge margins. Mainly thanks to the integrated architecture of the M1 chips.

Apple used knowledge they gained from perfecting the iPhone to deliver these exceptional SoC (system on a chip) style chips. All the major components, including the CPU, GPU, Secure Enclave, RAM, SSD controller, image signal processor, and encode/decode engines, are integrated.

With higher performance and lower prices, these new Macs with M1 chips have further encouraged more adopters of Apple Macs. Historically, Macs were long favoured by those working in the creative sector, such as graphic designers. Yet over the last decade Macs have become more and more popular with end users and a wide variety of businesses.

Why Is There An Association Between Macs and Creative Industries?

There is a strong history and legacy around the notion of Apple Mac computers being the choice of creatives.

There’s plenty of precedent for this. Historically, Macs were better at rendering fonts. In the late 80s an early 90s they dominated certain spaces and niches, which resulting in specific design software like Adobe only being available on Macs for a while.

Naturally, this changed but the association was set, and Apple had created a symbol for itself as the choice of creatives.

Even today, many graphic designers, musicians, photographers, and artists have a preference for Macs.

Macs and creatives

Apple has also long made beautiful, sleek machines with a clean minimalist aesthetic that numerous design fanatics feel drawn towards. This, coupled with highly intuitive simple interfaces, makes Macs a strong contender for creatives.

Another factor was that Macs had, in the past, a reputation for being more expensive. This actually wasn’t true given the lifetime value of a Mac machine.

Macs tend to be more durable than competitor computer equipment. They last longer at peak performance and require less repair. They are also more cyber secure. A Mac actually saves customers money over the device lifecycle.

Still, the initial price point did put off certain industries and end users.  

Why Macs Are Now Accessible To More People

Despite the M1 chips increasing performance, Apple are actually charging less for these new Macs compared to their predecessors with Intel chips.

thinner and more affordable macs

Apple has been able to save money on components and make thinner, lighter machines thanks to the SoC approach. However, this is also a choice by Apple to allow even more businesses and individuals to adopt superior Apple hardware.

The latest Macs with M1 chips have better battery life, better speeds and are now more affordable. This is helping many businesses choose a full Apple office thanks to the cost savings and productivity boosts from staff using the new Macs.

No longer are Macs seen in just the graphic design department. Entire offices and workforces from every sector imaginable are now embracing Apple Macs.

With business assessments and Apple trials with Hardsoft, it’s now even easier for businesses to see if Apple is right for them.