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Hello again… we are back on the subject of getting your Mac to toughen up. We have changed the settings and told you the things to avoid in Part 1. In Part 2 we are going to focus on the things you need to do to protect against sneaky virus’ and people invading your private Mac space.

UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE- Many people do not realise that Software updates (for all applications), are helping you to avoid malware. These updates are constantly helSoftware Updates HardSoftping to provide protection against new and irritating malware on the scene. Check our latest Ransomware Blog for more information. Software Updates are available in the App Store. You can access this via the App or if you click on the Apple button you will see the updates available next to the App Store drop down.

Got a firewall? Incoming and outgoing- If you don’t know the answer to this question then check! You don’t want those incoming virus’ sending all of your data back out to the internet. AVG HardSoftOur partners AVG can provide you with all of the protection you need for your business.

Get some Anti Virus! It is imperative that you have anti-virus protection on your Mac. We have said it before and we will say it again… Macs are not immune to virus’. You need to keep your protection up to date also. We recommend AVG for your support but for more information and other providers check out this Blog for Anti- Virus Solutions for your Mac.

VPN it up- If you are using your laptop in a public place, use VPN. This Virtual Private Network technology will help to protect your data as it is encrypted. Public Wi-Fi and sensitive data do not mix. You can get tips on how to use one on the Apple Website.

File Sharing is a NO NO!!!- It can be tempting to download free pirated versions of music and films- but DON’T! Not only is it illegal, you make all of your data available on sharing sites and often malware is spread using them. You do not know who you are downloading from and it is often a scam. If you are using your business network, you could easily infect all of the computers on that network. This is often a sackable offence and will cost your company not only loss of data, time and money but huge embarrassment.

Time Machine Mac |HardSoft

System Preferences on Mac Time Machine

Back up, back up and yes, again, BACK UP!- The only way to fully protect yourself from loosing data from Malware is cloud storage. Time machine back up’s and servers could also serve to save your data but virus’ such a Crypto ones will infect any data stored on the same network. It is a great idea to have more than one copy in various places.

If you do not use Flash, get rid!- Adobe Flash player is constantly updating, this is to try and sort out all of the ways that is makes your device susceptible to virus’. If you do not need it, uninstall it. Please.

If you have found these tips helpful, make sure that you check out Pt 1 of Toughen up your Mac for more ways to protect your precious laptop.

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