Is The Release Of M2 The Right Time To Transition To Macs?

18th August 2022
m2 MacBook airs with chargers

There has never been a better time to transition to Macs. If your business has been considering the move for some time but yet to bite the bullet, then there are many reasons why now will be the smoothest transition for which you could ask:

  • The release of M2
  • The fact that M2 is a less dramatic upgrade than M1
  • The proof that M1 has improved hardware performance and helped workers
  • macOS Ventura is on the horizon
  • Mac tech has a huge focus on compatibility
  • The wealth of support available for Mac
  • Choosing Mac is more affordable than ever before
m2 chip

Why Did Some Businesses Transition To Macs When M1 Chips Were Released?

M1 chips by Apple Silicon were game-changing for the computer industry. With the new integrated architecture technology, Apple was able to significantly increase performance speed and improve energy efficiency at levels the industry hadn’t seen before.

Many businesses switched to Apple offices with the release of the M1 chips to gain that increased productivity for their companies.

Why Were Some Businesses Hesitant To Transition To Macs With The Advent Of M1?

With any new tech technology, there are a lot of promises. Apple’s promises turned out to be well founded, and tests showed that Macs were measurably significantly faster and more energy efficient compared to competitors. However, businesses couldn’t be sure of this at first release.

Additionally, business owners are often wary of the disruption of moving over to a new tech, especially if it’s a big change.  

Why Is The Advent Of M2 A Good Time To Transition To A Fully Apple Office?


M2 builds on the amazing achievements of M1. Thanks to M2, Macs should see slightly improved speeds, even more so than with M1, but best of all, M2 enables an impressive extension of battery life. M2 is set to deliver truly all-day working without charging your Apple business laptops. For commuting and travelling employees, this could really improve the way in which they are able to work.

A Smaller Change Than M1

MacBook Pro

While M2 is a big benefit and will improve performance, it is not as industry-shaking as M1. It is a less dramatic change, as it simply improves and builds upon the tech we have become used to from Apple. When M1 launched it was a big shift for Apple. They went from previously using Intel chips to making their own chips. Therefore, businesses and industry experts weren’t quite sure what to expect.

With M2 being a smaller change, this should give businesses no fear of transitioning to Mac.

By transitioning to a fully Mac office now, businesses will receive all the benefits of M2 and know that it will be a simple change.

Proof of M1 Success

The M1 chip, M1 Pro, M1 Max and now M1 Ultra has been available for a while now, and businesses have seen the proof of Apple’s claims. M1 chips have proven themselves time and again to improve speed and energy efficiency, and in the case of the Pro, Max, and Ultra chips, they’ve improved power too.

macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura is the latest big operating system update for Mac. The beta has been released for July 2022 and it will be fully rolling out in autumn. It’s always pleasing to transition to Apple when you can coincide with a nice fresh operating system update, to get all the latest features smoothly and seamlessly.


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Third-party software providers have now had time to make their apps and programmes compatible with devices running with Apple Silicon chips. Apple has had a huge focus on compatibility lately and it has really paid off to improve the popularity of Macs and user trust in them.


There is now so much technical support for Macs. At Hardsoft all our engineers are trained and certified by Apple to deliver the best services for Macs.


Macs have a phenomenally high quality, yet an association with a high price tag compared to competitors. However, that conception is shifting. Macs are becoming more affordable. There have also been several studies that show Macs have a better TCO (total cost of ownership) than competitors because the hardware is more durable and faces fewer tech issues.

On top of this, leasing can make Macs more attainable. Apple business leasing like that available from Hardsoft spreads the cost of Macs into smaller monthly payments and comes with reams of support. This makes investment in Mac technology far more palatable for businesses.

With all these factors combined, and M2 being rolled out, it is a very good time to have a straightforward and beneficial transition to Mac devices.