Did you see it…? Apple officially announced that the average lifecycle for an iPhone is three years, can you believe it ?? People are going mad, £600 for 3 years!! My NOKIA 2310 came free with my phone contract and I expect it will still be working in 2310. I am not surprised, we all update our phone every 12-24 months anyway… does it even matter? I had to take a beat before I realised I was reading the Daily Mail…

In an effort to display how environmentally friendly the company is, Apple have published how long they expect devices to be used BY THEIR FIRST OWNER. There is also an expected first user cycle of 4years for Apple OSX devices (iPhones and iPads).

For the very first owners, are assumed to be four years for OS X and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devicesApple HardSoft

 This is not the lifecycle that a product is expected to have, but the amount of time that Apple have worked out that we use them for. There have also been whispers of planned obsolescence and Apple knowing this information as their software updates ensure older models no longer work. Technology is moving so fast, the updates are always coming thick and fast. Every time that I personally go to buy a laptop or PC. I am always anticipating the next new tech and am usually pleased with myself that I waited months for the new edition.

Really then, why do we ever buy? With all of the benefits of leasing, the first user expectancy of an Apple Mac being 4 years and the lightning speed witch which technology updates- is there any point? Not only are these devices outdated after 4 years, they cost loads!! Spreading the cost of your device and releasing your capital frees it up for other projects, whilst keeping you up to date technology wise. This is exactly what we do with our mobile phones, paying monthly for them ensures that we can keep up to date. In your office, if you think about what you are already leasing, your cars, your photocopiers and how that affects your spending and budget, it allows you to always have the best.

Freebies HardSoft

With a HardSoft lease, you are also entitled to our Technical support. It is great having the latest kit, but do you know how to set it up? We can install your devices on delivery and are also available throughout the lease period for technical support. The lease package offers you so much more than just a purchase and also includes accidental damage. With our upgrade options you can also trade in for new kit before your lease is up.

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