How Will 5G Change The Way We Work

9th February 2022
a city skyline with 5g in the sky

5G is the latest generation for broadband cellular networks. It has some major improvements over its predecessors, particularly in areas of speed and reliability.

Over the last couple of years, accessibility to 5G has increased:

  • More network carriers are providing 5G
  • More devices beyond smartphones, such as laptops and tablets are being built with 5G capabilities
  • Far more infrastructure is being put in place across the UK to spread the coverage of the 5G network
5g iPads from anywhere

With 5G coverage expanding, it now offers tangible advantages to all users and workers. 5G delivers:

  • Lower latency (the distance between sending and receiving information)
  • Higher data speeds
  • Additional bandwidth enabling more devices to connect to the internet

All of this results in a more reliable connection and higher speeds. This should allow staff a much greater degree of productivity.

5G The Future Of Our Technology

Greater 5G coverage will allow some interesting technological advances:

  • People should be able to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere.
  • The Internet of Things will grow and become more reliable, so we could see the use of robotics increase. This could mean more people using self-driving cars and greater automation in warehouses, medical fields and basically everywhere.
  • New technologies might emerge from the increase in AI and machine learning.

While this is fascinating stuff, many businesses will be interested in the day-to-day improvements on the ground.

How will 5G change the way most of us can work?

5G In Businesses

Greater automation might not be restricted to a few fields but could benefit nearly all industries. With greater automation for certain tasks, there will come greater productivity for workers. It could also signal a reduction in operating costs and save companies a lot of money.

5G in the office and video calls quicker

A big way our human workforce will improve is thanks to the improvements in communication

5G and Communications

Video conferencing could see big leaps forward with less technical difficulties, and less lag and delays.

This creates a more natural, real-life experience, which can in turn reduce zoom fatigue.

Zoom fatigue makes workers less productive and more exhausted, as their brains have to work harder during video communication than IRL (in real life) meetings.

Even recently, due to technology not measuring up to real life interactions, it is challenging to read body and facial language through video, especially if there are technical issues.

Lag and audio issues can also make it difficult to hear people. During in-person meetings, people naturally talk over one another slightly, or more easily know when someone is about to speak or has finished. We intuit this from a range of body, audio, and facial signals, much of which can be lost over video conferencing, especially due to lag.

Improvements in video conferencing to reduce lag will help people communicate more easily.

5G and Video Streaming

Video streaming will be much faster and higher quality. This isn’t only useful for entertainment since video presentations, advertisements, and much more are essential tools in many industries.

5G and Reliable Connectivity in the Office

As 5G uses lots of radio signals, it isn’t just those short-range highest quality ones that will help businesses.

Some of the longer-range connectivity, which can span a whole building, will be extremely useful.

Better area of connectivity

This more reliable internet connectivity will make a big difference to the way people work inside and outside the office.

For those home workers, remote workers, digital nomads, and in-field workers, 5G is game changing as it truly lets you connect and work from anywhere. It should plug some of those connectivity holes and prevent that stark quality contrast that remote workers sometimes suffer from with spotty Wi-Fi.

5G and Network Slicing

The higher bandwidth is excellent for many systems using the network at once. 5G can use network slicing so that multiple building automation systems, like sensors, can use it at once without compromise.

5G Increases The Speed Of Production and Delivery

More robotics will make a huge difference for warehouses, which should make receiving products for every company a lot faster. This knock-on effect should have a huge impact on how quickly you can receive and start using products.

5G Creates Better Data and Smarter Programmes

Data collected by companies and the software they use could become more intelligent thanks to the combo of 5G and the cloud – this will advance machine learning opportunities.

All of these factors will change, enhance, and improve the way we work. One of the most effective changes will be the ability for remote staff to have a reliable connection from anywhere. Thanks to this, businesses have a much wider pool of talent to choose from.

How To Get 5G

To utilise 5G, your staff will need:

5G Lenovo X1 Carbon
  • A provider that offers 5G
  • A 5G network package
  • A 5G compatible device

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