How macOS Monterey Enhances Online Communication

7th September 2021
MacOS Monterey

This autumn 2021 will likely see the release of the latest macOS system.

While not as expansive as the previous macOS update, entitled BigSur, this latest update has some really exciting features.

MacOS Monterey was officially announced in June. A public release date is yet to be confirmed, though there is speculation it could be available as soon as September 2021.

The beta is already in circulation; however, this does not cover the full spectrum of features that will be included upon official full release of Monterey.

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Mac fans should expect to be very pleased with the improvements they experience in Monterey. Every major and subtle change has an emphasis on usability and simplicity.

You can look forward to a plethora of new functionality, including Safari revamps, better app shortcuts app, additional apps, live text, visual lookup, and privacy enhancements

Of all the new functionality, one of the most hotly anticipated is Universal Control. This would allow iPads and other Apple devices to be used as a dual-screen with laptops. Both could be controlled in tandem from one mouse or trackpad. This would enhance productivity and allow Apple devices to be used together.

Another excellent update in Monterey that deserves more attention are the features that will enhance online communication.

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What Features of Monterey Are Improving Online Communication?

A standout result of this update is how it will enhance online communication.

Group chat, video calling, and conference calling is about to further improve, thanks to the macOS Monterey.  

Monterey will be introducing certain additional capabilities within Facetime which will make conference calling more natural.

Since the start of the pandemic, working from home and virtual meetings have increased in popularity. Even with many now returning to the office in the wake of the vaccine, working from home is set to remain a choice for many. This means the virtual meeting won’t be a thing of the past any time soon.

video conferencing

While signing into meetings remotely provides great work life balance, it can create ‘Zoom Fatigue’. Concentrating on conversation in a video format requires more from the human brain than it does in person. Technology creates a buffer between us and the multitude of subtle body language communication we are constantly displaying.

With the macOS Monterey update, conference calling and even communicating virtually with friends and family should feel far more seamless and pleasant.

Monterey will introduce features such as Spatial Audio. When you are in a video conference call with multiple participants, their voice audio will seem to emanate from where they appear on screen. This is shown to make conference calling feel more natural and easier. Cross talk is reduced with spatial audio.

If you have two or more participants calling in from the same device, the Wide Spectrum sound option can assist with this.

Another wonderful way in which conference calling will be enhanced by Monterey is SharePlay. In meetings, you can now easily share your screen in real time via Facetime. There’s no more necessity to download expensive or limited third party video conferencing software now that Facetime has all these amazing features.

Having simpler and more natural video conferencing is invaluable in these post-pandemic times. These are some of the features remote workers will notice and love the most from this innovative macOS update.