How Does Pure-rental Provide Better Quality Devices At Affordable Prices?

26th May 2022
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Pure-Rental is one of several computer device leasing options available from Hardsoft.

It provides a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to get their hands on truly high-quality hardware at affordable prices. No other type of lease can offer such state-of-the-art tech at such a low cost. Pure-Rental has become an incredibly popular leasing structure since it is one of the most affordable options available on the UK market.

Benefits of Pure-Rental Computer Device Leasing

Simplicity: In addition to the very modest monthly lease charges, it also attracts companies, thanks to its simplicity. There is little danger of getting bogged down in finickity details or bureaucracy as the lease is straightforward and ultra-easy to understand. With no complexity in the lease contract and little fussy particulars to worry about, getting a Pure-Rental lease set up is extremely efficient. The result is that new companies can have their hands on elite hardware very quickly.

Support and Deployment

Extra Low Cost: Pure-Rental appeals to a wide variety of businesses, but especially smaller companies and start-ups since it provides access to powerful, quality equipment, yet low monthly prices. Pure-Rental can provide hardware at 25% off normal costs since it is rented only and not a lease that works towards ownership. The result is huge cost savings that are also spread out into monthly manageable chunks for a pleasant cash-flow scenario.

Support: Despite the fact that Pure-Rental is a straightforward lease with fewer bells and whistles than more customisable lease options, it doesn’t short-change the client on service. On top of all the devices that businesses receive on Pure-Rental, there is a complete support wrapper to aid with troubleshooting tech problems and getting the most from your devices. Hardsoft can also provide more strategic advice by suggesting which devices would be best suited to your staff’s duties.

How Does Pure-Rental Actually Work To Provide Better Hardware At Lower Prices?

All computer hardware leases work on the notion of a reduced upfront cost and spreading payments out.

Computer Hardware Lease Benefits Explained

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Computer devices are notoriously expensive for a business while also being absolutely essential to almost all work in the digital age. They are necessary before profitable actions can even begin. The big upfront cost of equipping a business with hardware is daunting for companies. It puts them behind in budgets very quickly.

However, a lease makes the cost of hardware more manageable by reducing upfront costs and spreading them evenly into smaller monthly payments.

Yet, most leases work towards eventually owning the device at the end of the contract.

Pure-Rental is different.

The Pure-Rental Approach

In a Pure-Rental structure, the business does not work towards ownership. All devices are returned to the supplier at the end of the lease. This enables the provider to recycle or resell this equipment and/or its components. It simultaneously enables them to offer huge discounts on the monthly cost.

Pure-Rental does exactly what it says on the tin; the devices are rented only and are to be returned.

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This is advantageous to small companies by giving them access to more modern, more powerful, and higher-tech hardware than they ever could have afforded outright for astonishingly low monthly costs. The hardware also doesn’t become obsolete and a waste of investment as it ages and new tech is released by manufacturers since after three years it is returned. Clients are then free to start a new rental lease with more up-to-date equipment.

Not only do devices stay fresh but the staff of these companies can produce better work and make more profit by having access to the best kit.