How Does Pure-Rental Compare To Other Device Leasing Options?

20th May 2022
MacBook Pro pure rental and Flexi lease prices

Pure-Rental is a popular device leasing solution among businesses of all backgrounds.

While it is primarily aimed at smaller companies and new launches, its affordability and straightforward system make it desirable to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

It is one of the most affordable computer equipment leases in the country. However, it is just one of several fantastic leasing systems from the minds at Hardsoft.

Leasing computer equipment is a smart way to spread the cost of expensive hardware, yet not all leases are the same. Hardsoft has developed a selection of lease structures, with each adapted to best serve different kinds of business.

Since each company’s budget, objectives and needs are different, this variety in leasing style gives you freedom of choice, but also the ability to pick a system that will best serve your staff productivity and your overall business goals.

Let’s take a look at three types of computer equipment lease, their advantages, their differences, and how they can enhance different kinds of business.

Computer Hardware Lease Options

Pure-Rental – Rent Devices

pure rental logo

Pure-Rental is a great choice for so many of our clients because of its affordability. In a shaky economic climate, following pandemics and recessions, saving money wherever you can is crucial for businesses. That is why Pure-Rental has such a broad appeal. It does exactly what it says on the tin i.e., rental. It is easy to understand, and there are no hidden steps or jargon. Pure-Rental is all about renting equipment, rather than working towards ownership.

Most hardware leases that you come across will be a traditional lease that works towards ownership while spreading the bill into manageable monthly payments.

While Pure-Rental also works on a monthly subscription model, it does not work towards ownership. Instead, the devices are returned at the end of the lease, so it truly is a rental system.

Renting the hardware in this way gives small and new businesses access to state-of-the-art tech, while the provider can re-use the devices after the lease. The result is big cost savings for businesses because they can get up to a 25% discount on devices.

Key Advantages

  • Access to better technology for small and starter companies
  • Low prices on equipment
  • No operational and ownership burdens
  • Ongoing tech support from your provider
pure rental £12.56 Lenovo
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Quick to setup
  • Add devices at any time

Core Differences From Other Leases

  • No ownership
  • Somewhat less flexible than other leases e.g., cannot change the lease halfway through
  • Less all-encompassing services but very efficient and simple to get started
  • Much cheaper than other options
  • Devices returned to the provider at the end of the lease

How It Enhances Small Businesses It gives smaller businesses access to tech that they could normally not afford while also reducing operational stresses that come with device ownership.

Flexi-Lease – The Flexible Lease

Flexi-Lease is a more traditional leasing solution since clients work towards ownership of the devices at the end of the lease. However, it is built to be hyper-flexible since many businesses will experience plenty of change in their needs and goals over three years.

Flexi lease logo

In a Flexi-Lease model, businesses can change the lease after two years. They can add, or swap devices, change the terms of their lease, continue as normal, or cancel the lease penalty-free.

Key Advantages

  • Reasonably priced, perfect for middle-sized companies
  • Highly flexible and can be changed at key points during the lease, so adaptable to changing circumstances
  • Excellent support package
  • 3-year warranty and accidental damage protection as an added optional feature

Core Differences From Other Leases

Flexi lease £10.20 surface laptop 4
  • Competitive prices but not as cheap as Pure-Rental
  • Very flexible terms that can be changed and the lease can even be stopped after two years if you change your mind
  • Less rigid and tied into a strict plan as other leases

How It Enhances Medium-Sized Businesses

Gives businesses a great deal of control but also room to change their minds and adapt to changing circumstances in businesses.

Device For Teams – The DaaS Solution

Device as a Service is a robust leasing option for larger businesses that want more from the service side of their lease.

Key Advantages

  • Automatic upgrades to the latest technology
  • Extensive customisation e.g., 2 optional levels: Essentials and Premium, to control the price and level of in-depth service + two levels of support plan: Gold and Platinum, with added optional extras such as enhanced cyber security software
  • Swap, add, reduce, or return devices at any time without penalty
  • Rapid tech and strategic support

Core Differences From Other Leases

  • Automatic upgrades
  • More expensive than other leases but a massive emphasis on support and services beyond the hardware itself
  • A highly strategic way to source devices and get the most from them
  • Extensive management and maintenance support, including zero-touch deployment and MDM management support

How It Enhances Larger Businesses

Granular, detailed control over your device strategy. Cutting-edge equipment at all times and minimal operational burdens. Thorough assistance to get the most out of your devices.