How Do You Know If Pure-Rental Is The Right Leasing Package For You?

14th June 2022
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While Pure-Rental is the most affordable computer device leasing solution on offer, there are many factors at work that could mean a different lease type is more suited to your business.

Often when companies look at essential purchases, including computer hardware, their first impulse is only to consider cost reduction. This makes perfect sense as an initial goal. Running a business of any size is expensive and anywhere you can get a good deal can lead to more profit. However, this is often true in the short term but could accidentally eliminate certain services and tools that a larger or growing company might benefit from to increase their profits down the line.

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Hardsoft has several computer hardware lease types to choose from and each presents different advantages. Pure-Rental is certainly the most affordable and straightforward with big savings to be made on advanced hardware.

Yet, Pure-Rental lacks certain features that our other leases do present which can be big wins for growing businesses.

So, how can you determine if Pure-Rental is right for you?

Firstly, consider the size of your business: While Pure-Rental’s low-cost appeals to so many businesses, making it our most popular lease, it is especially suited to smaller businesses and new launches. Small businesses don’t have large budgets, yet they still require excellent technology to operate and grow their business. Companies that are growing or larger may need greater support, flexibility and customisation in their lease to adapt to change, making our other leases more applicable.

If you’re a small business, Pure-Rental is ideal for putting quality hardware in your team’s hands with 25% discounts.  

Next, look to your monthly and annual budgets: The size of your company isn’t the only factor that determines your monthly budget. A larger business may still be perfect for Pure-Rental if their monthly budgets are tied up in other essential expenditures, such as research equipment. You must determine on balance whether the lowest price possible is most important versus less operational burdens from greater support.

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Now, consider your short-term and long-term goals for the company: A lease is typically three years, so consider how you see your business changing over that term. Do you expect to expand either in staff or output? Is the future uncertain? Decide whether a lower cost, more flexibility, or more customisation would best serve your short term goals. As for long term objectives.

Do you want/need to work towards ownership of your hardware? Pure-Rental allows you to eschew the labours of device ownership by simply renting and returning them. You never own the devices. If ownership is important to you then we have several other options from which to choose.

Analyse how quickly things change in your company: If you’re expecting a lot of uncertainty and upheaval in the next three years, then flexibility and the option to change your lease should be your biggest priority. Flexi-Lease is perfect for these scenarios.

Consider how hardware is used in your business and how it could be used to further your productivity: Our other leases, but especially our DaaS solutions, comes with extensive strategic support. In these systems, we can show you how to truly boost your productivity with your new devices and keep at those levels with smart device choices and management.

Cross-examine the benefits of Pure-Rental versus the features of our other leases:

  • Pure-Rental
    • 25% off
    • Lowest cost
    • No ownership, so reduced operational worries
    • Very straightforward
    • Add devices at any time
Flexi lease £10.20 surface laptop 4
  • Flexi-Lease
    • Return or swap devices after 2 years
    • Add devices at any time
    • Extremely flexible for changing circumstances
    • Excellent ongoing support
    • Work towards ownership
  • Devices For Teams
    • Automatic upgrades
    • Extensive support packages at different levels and with optional extras
    • MDM management and maintenance assistance
    • Tech support and strategic advice
    • Swap or return devices after only a year
    • Add devices at any time

Our research and experience show that Pure-Rental is best for smaller businesses, Flexi-Lease is perfect for expanding businesses, and Device as a Service is ideal for corporations.  

Finally, determine the level of service and support required by your company and industry: Those companies that require more management support and granular control will be more suited to out Flexi-Lease or DaaS solutions. For larger businesses, the time saved by reducing operational burdens is well worth it.

If it is still unclear which lease would be most beneficial for your company, Hardsoft can offer evaluations to help match you with the best computer hardware and suggest the most compatible lease.