How an Apple Device Subscription Service will Solve your IT Problems

14th May 2019
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Buying Apple devices has traditionally been seen as the best way to secure the technology that your business needs, it’s now something of an out-dated model with high upfront costs, rapid technological development and depreciating value.

A subscription service, also known as a DaaS, allows you to subscribe to the products you need in a way that is flexible, affordable, and agile. An Apple DaaS, such as Hardsoft’s unique Devices for Teams solution, will help solve your IT problems.

What is DaaS?

DaaS is an agile and scalable solution for small and medium-sized businesses, looking for a flexible alternative to traditional leasing methods, allowing for continued renewals of Apple devices and enabling changes and additions to be made regularly.

DaaS is not a lease agreement, so you won’t be tied into a specific time frame or be subject to any specified commitment. At HardSoft, we offer a unique, flexible solution for Apple, known as Devices for Teams. Designed to meet the needs of dynamic, high-growth businesses.

How an Apple Device Subscription Works

All the Apple Devices available with Devices for Teams
Apple Devices available with Devices for Teams

An Apple device subscription service such as Devices for Teams is designed to be simple, flexible, and agile. Start your subscription with a minimum of 20 Apple devices, including iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, and Mac Mini.

Once you’ve started your subscription, you’ll then be able to add any Apple device throughout your subscription with no extra admin fee. You’ll also be able to refresh or swap any of your devices after just 12 months of your subscription. If your needs change, you’ll also be able to return any device during your subscription, providing you keep a minimum of 50% of your initial subscription, and reduce your payments accordingly, with no extra admin fees.

How an Apple Subscription Service will help Solve your IT Problems

The key IT problems faced by SMEs typically include:

How do you finance this efficiently?

Buying Macs in the high volumes needed by many businesses is a significant capital investment.

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With no admin fees or penalties to add or remove devices, as well as the option to cancel with no fees, an Apple device subscription is a cost-effective solution that will help you save money on your company’s IT costs, while meeting business demand.

An Apple device subscription service such as Devices for Teams is also tax efficient, helping to reduce your income tax and boost your cash flow.

With over 35 years’ experience, we have great access to the UK finance markets, ensuring that you secure the very best deal. Simply agree on a pay monthly subscription for your Apple devices and order what you need. We approve 98% of applications within 24 hours.

How can I get the latest tech for different people in my team, at different times?

If you buy your Apple equipment outright, you will have to make a significant initial investment and will then either have to constantly upgrade your devices in order to stay up to date with the latest developments, which is far from cost effective, or your team will have to contend with ageing, out of date equipment that may not meet their changing needs.

With a DaaS solution, you’ll be able to add any Apple device throughout your subscription, with no extra fee, and refresh, swap, and return any devices after just 12 months of your subscription. This will allow you to meet the changing needs of your organisation while saving costs and ensuring your team has the right equipment, at the right time.

How can I reduce the number of depreciating assets we own?

As soon as you invest in an Apple device, it will naturally start to lose value as it ages. Depreciating assets can be extremely frustrating for small businesses, particularly when it comes to often costly IT equipment.

A DaaS solution allow businesses to avoid any depreciation of devices, while ensuring that they are able to keep their technology constantly up to date and in full working order.

A one-year warranty is not enough. What about suitable support advice?

Van and tools depicting HardSoft's 360 Degree Service Wrapper
HardSoft offer a 360 Degree Service Wrapper

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why all of our Apple device subscription services come complete with our 360 degree HardSoft Service Wrapper, including full support as standard, 3-year no-quibble warranties on all products, qualified tech and support teams on call during business hours, next-day Mac loan devices delivered next day when needed, and Certified Apple training.

So, whether you need advice on your plan specific information on certain devices or you’d like to explore the options available to you, you’ll be able to access all of the support you need.

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To find out more about how an Apple subscription service can help solve your IT problems, or to discuss your specific requirements, please get in touch.

With 35 years of experience, being accredited as brokers by the FCA and an authorized Apple reseller – we unite the worlds of finance and technology to empower our customers. With over 5,000 customers and strong partnerships, we are able to develop solutions to meet the future needs of businesses like yours and stay ahead of the market.

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