Are you fed-up with the media’s constant portrayal of a doomed country due to this so-called credit crunch?

Well you heard it first from HardSoft, it is all over, and with the banks being keen to lend again this is all a good indication that business is on the up-turn. It is time we stopped feeling this depression, tentatively placing our every step, and get back out there encouraging business and equipping  ourselves for a positive future.

Many businesses have experienced a quiet time lately and if this is you then why not take this opportunity to check out, sort out and maybe even clear out your old computer equipment. Don’t forget HardSoft will upgrade your old equipment to the latest  up-to-date machinery, for the same monthly outlay, when you sign a new Flexi-lease. When business gets good again, and it will do, you will need to make sure you are equipped to deal with future demands; keeping your IT up-to-date is essential.

With strong demand for IT leasing in 2009 we estimate we are 15% up on 2008 in terms of sales.


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