Get Set up for School with Apple’s Schoolwork App

4th August 2020
Apple iPad and Schoolwork App

Lease iPads for your school and use Apple’s Schoolwork app to help you maximise their uses.

Apple’s Schoolwork app lets teachers assign tasks and worksheets in educational apps such as Purple Mash, view student’s progress, and collaborate with students, all in real time.

These steps will get you set up with Schoolwork so that both teachers and students can use it easily:

First, you’ll need to enroll in Apple School Manager, or upgrade to it. Apple School Manager is a web-based portal that is simple to use and allows IT administrators manage devices and content. You will be able to set up devices, provide Managed Apple IDs, access apps and books, enabling teachers to create learning experiences from a single place.

Then set up teacher and student accounts using Apple School Manager. It’s a fast and simple process to create accounts for students, allowing them to access Schoolwork and other educational apps, as well as other key Apple services, and 200GB of free iCloud storage. Your school’s privacy needs are covered by Apple School Manager, so there’s no need to worry.

Now set up classes for Schoolwork. Any classes included in SIS or SFTP connections will automatically have Schoolwork classes created, which update naturally as students move in and out of classes. Teachers can also create their own classes, as well as edit and delete them as necessary. You just need to enable the ‘create, edit, and delete classes’ privilege in Schoolwork for the instructor role on Apple School Manager

The Schoolwork app can be found in Apps and Books in Apple School Manager. Apple School Manager works together with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) which means you can get bulk app licences, as long as your devices have iPadOS 13.5 or later, you can install Schoolwork on teacher and student devices, and then assign privileges.

Teachers, or instructors, can check student progress on assigned activities in any ClassKit-enabled app when you enable to student progress feature in Schoolwork via Apple School Manager. You can still use Schoolwork without this feature enabled. You can find ClassKit enabled apps which support student progress in Apps and Books on Apple School Manager, by looking for the ‘Works with Schoolwork’ badge.

Apple iPad Leasing for Schools

Leasing Apple iPads for your school includes accidental damage cover and our warrant and support, iPads are supplied with protective cases and we will configure your Apple Schools Manager. You can lease the Apple iPad 10.2″ for your school from £2.95 per week, including FREE 2GB Mobile Data for 12 months!

We’ve introduced mobile broadband on iPads for students, with 2GB of free mobile data so students can use their iPads wherever they are without having to rely on WiFi, making it easier for them to access their schoolwork and learn as soon as they switch the iPad on. HardSoft understands just how important it is for teachers and students to have everything they need for their school work in order to maximise their productivity.

FREE 2GB Mobile Data

We can tailor a finance solution to suit your school, so give our school’s team a call on 020 7111 1643 or email