Eight hidden tips and tricks for macOS Big Sur that you might not know.

30th December 2020
Big Sur Apple MacOS software and 8 tips on best use

Now we do all know about macOS Big Sur’s redesigned menu bar with a brand spanking new control centre. But what about all of the new menu bar options? It brings us new controls for functions, like do not disturb Airdrop. And you can now see what’s currently playing from sources like Safari, Spotify, QuickTime, and more.

To get these options on your Mac’s menu bar you can do so in the preference menu, or you can just simply drag and drop them from the control centre to your menu. AirPods now offer automatic switching between devices. This fix was one of the more annoying struggles of connecting AirPods to your Mac.

In the past, you’d have to fumble with Bluetooth connections or changing sound preferences, but now all you have to do is just pop your AirPods in your ears and start playing music or media on your Mac. And it just automatically switches devices.

The Voice Memos app offers a way to now enhance your voice recordings by simply recording a voice memo, clicking the edit button in the top right corner, and then clicking the wand icon. This will automatically help clean up the audio by reducing background noise or echoes for your voice memos.

This next tip is more of a friendly reminder that a 4k video support on YouTube is holding you back from deleting Chrome and going Safari. You’ll be happy to know that Safari now supports 4k videos on YouTube. Just head into a YouTube video into the bottom right corner, click on the resolution icon and bump that resolution up.

The widgets inside of Notification Centre have been redesigned. And with the inclusion of new widgets, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t need to delete or re-add a widget in order to change its size – just simply right, click on the widget to edit the widget. And from here, you can just change the size of that widget quickly and easily.

 Now, speaking of right, clicking things, if you right click on any notification, you’ll have a few useful options available, like being able to deliver that specific notification quietly, or turn off notifications, or just jump into notification preferences altogether. Not sure if you notice this, but the windows of applications sort of adopt a little bit of your wallpaper colour in macOS Big Sur. If you want to remove that window tinting, you can do so by going into system preferences general, and de-select allow wallpaper tinting.

We all know about the features of the major message that were ported over from iOS and iPad OS 14, but perhaps one of the more unknown mentions is the ability to quickly add photos, gifs, emoji stickers, and even message effects.  Gone are the days where message effects are no longer visible on the Mac. So, feel free to start spamming your friends with slam messages all day long.

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