Does your Mac need Antivirus Protection?

18th September 2019
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If you’ve never wondered whether your Mac needs antivirus software, you should.

The macOS is certainly more secure than Windows in general, but your Mac is not immune to viruses, so you’d be sensible to purchase some antivirus software.

It’s standard for PC users to add some antivirus software to your purchase and install it asap, it’s in their mindset to make sure that their devices are protected. Mac users have been more laid back about virus protection but they are computer savvy and know they need to protect their, not inconsiderable, investment.

Avast Business Antivirus for Mac

Mac Malware has it’s own Top 10 of most popular attacks in the first half of 2019, according to SentinelOne, so there is no doubt that Mac OS attacks are on the rise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your Mac isn’t safe. This is thanks, in part, to the fact that the Mac OS is Unix based which offered some built-in security features. Added to this, Apple themselves have included security measures such as Gatekeeper, which make attacking a Mac more challenging than attacking a PC.

Many of the standard antivirus protection packages didn’t even supply antivirus protection for Macs until fairly recently. Norton, McAfee and the like were forced to join the Mac revolution with the ever-increasing popularity of Macs, and offer products suitable for Mac devices.

HardSoft introduced the Mac Security Pro bundle to offer our Mac customers a solution to their malware concerns some time ago but this is about to be end of life. We now offer our customers Avast Business Antivirus, which is available for both Mac and Windows users, as part of our PC & Mac Security Bundle. You can buy this software in both single unmanaged products which have one license for one user, or a managed product which is centrally managed for more than one user at no extra cost.

Please talk to our knowledgeable team about antivirus software for your Mac devices and make sure that your business is covered. Call 020 7111 1643 or email for more information.