Ditch Microsoft Servers! Get an Apple Snow Leopard Server

Snow Leopard, the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS X, has come on leaps and bounds  with more enhancements, matures and improvements, and had been positioned as Apple’s “best and fastest server operating system ever.” The 64-kbit operating system kernel means that this Apple server can be your entire system back-up (traditionally Microsoft). Simple to implement, one day to install instead of three and you pay one price, no need to pay for extra licenses as your business grows and changes. Snow Leopard offers more ways to connect and collaborate:
iCal Server 2 – shares calendars, coordinate events, and schedule meetings.
Podcast Producer 2 – capture, encode, publish and distribute podcasts with ease.
Wiki Server 2 – publish collaborative documents on your own wiki-powered website.
Address Book Server – access and synchronise contact across multiple computers and the devices you own.
Mobile Access Server – securely access firewall-protected services

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