Discover Better Working with ABM and Jamf MDM

25th February 2021
Apple laptops for ABM

Apple Business Manager is a fantastic tool for streamlining your deployment of Apple hardware and software.

It has been specifically designed to work alongside your current MDM solution, such as Jamf.

While you technically don’t require an MDM to enrol with Apple Business Manager, you will miss out on its best features by neglecting an MDM solution.

You may be wondering if you require Apple Business Manager if you already have a strong mobile management system. Well, there are many benefits to using the systems together as intended.

Even if you already have a mobile device management solution, Apple Business Manager can open up additional security options and help create an out-of-the-box solution for devices. It is the best way to get the most from your corporate Apple devices.

By using Apple Business Manager and the Jamf MDM solution, your business can automate and streamline device purchasing and deployment, as well as effectively manage all corporate devices.

Benefits of Using Apple Business Manager and an MDM

If you’ve already been using an MDM system like Jamf to give you greater control of your devices, ABM can offer additional benefits, such as:

  • Easy purchasing of new devices.
  • Easily upgrade old hardware.
  • Quickly add scale to your business hardware.

Apple Business Manager is a free tool which will enhance the capabilities of your MDM solution.

All newly purchased devices are shown in your ABM portal straight away and have assigned names, users, and groups before they even reach their destination.

All apps and settings can be customised remotely, thanks to your ABM portal, so your staff can get started with their work straight away when it arrives at their door.

During COVID ABM has been invaluable at making the deployment of Apple devices for remote staff extremely safe and a zero-touch approach. There’s no need to add new devices manually as all new purchases will appear in your ABM portal.

If you enrol in ABM without an MDM, its functionality is reduced to just a buying and deployment system with a serial number database. Together they offer complete management control of all devices and abilities to wipe devices for security purposes.

Using ABM and Jamf

The Jamf MDM solution works seamlessly with ABM. This MDM offers intuitive, granular control of your devices, ensuring employees can work from anywhere without compromising data security. It is also a highly affordable MDM subscription.

Both Jamf and Jamf Plus can integrate with ABM in a couple of quick steps using a server token. Follow this link to browse our instructions on syncing your MDM server to your Apple Business Manager portal.

ABM was designed to help automate and streamline device deployment, alongside an MDM to handle the management of those devices, so we highly recommend using both systems.

Jamf is one of Hardsoft’s preferred MDM solutions for Apple Products and it makes using ABM and an MDM straightforward. These two products integrate perfectly and allow greater efficiency and better working for your staff.

ABM enables an easy set up of devices remotely with all the applications, accounts, software, and content your staff needs to get going. Jamf will allow your directors to oversee compliance, restrict access to distracting applications, and prevent security leaks. The result is greater productivity and less risk for your business.

How Can Using ABM and Jamf Boost Business ROI

Productivity, efficiency, and security are not just corporate buzz words. By investing in Apple Business Manager and a quality MDM system like Jamf, businesses stand to produce more profits and save on costly mistakes.

ABM and an MDM solution allow for easy remote working. Remote workers save businesses substantial costs. The more remote workers you utilise, the more you save in office costs, such as heating. Remote workers also save time. They spend less time chatting, distracted by office noise, or in unproductive meetings.

Remote workers don’t lose time and energy commuting. As a result, they have more time to finish tasks, work on new tasks and, therefore, generate more profit. They are also happier and richer thanks to less commuting.

The ABM portal alongside an MDM isn’t just about productivity and efficiency. The only big drawback of remote working for companies is data security. Data breaches can frequently cost companies millions and cyber security breaches are on the rise.

By using an MDM, you can more closely monitor how your corporate devices are used and wipe devices that are lost, stolen, or abused by ex-employees.

Apple Business Manager and an MDM solution like Jamf could make a positive difference to your business profits.