Creative designers –why should you use a Wacom tablet?

10th August 2015
People working on tablets and computers

Wacom tablet for leasingWhen it comes to the relatively modern profession of digital graphic design, some creative types are surprisingly purist. Of course, in that game, being old-fashioned just means you still do all of your work on a Mac computer with a mouse, rather than on a tablet. It’s hardly as dated as a journalist writing by hand or on a typewriter.
While you should always work on what you find most comfortable, many creative designers have indeed introduced tablet devices to their work. There are a number of interesting benefits that the Wacom tablet in particular offers, so if you’re considering adding a graphics tablet into your design arsenal, let’s break them down.

Cutting out images

Firstly, on a Wacom tablet you’ll be using a pen instead a mouse; one of the biggest draws of which is the ability to cut out images simply and effectively. Whether you need to quickly cut something from its background and don’t have time to be pixel perfect, or you want to carefully remove a background using the eraser tool, the softness and control of the pen will give you far superior results. It doesn’t mean you have to do all of your work on a tablet, of course; the Wacom tablets work wonderfully in unison with Apple Map products.

Drawing paths

The pen and tablet offers designers and artists the same natural, comfortable feeling they would get from putting a real pen to paper. Therefore, creating drawing paths – and drawings themselves – is far easier than with a mouse. Pressure sensitivity can be a very valuable feature, as it makes creating your paths incredibly fluid and responsive.

Matte painting

A staple in many design teams is now having a digital matte artist; i.e. someone who digitally paints photo-realistic interior and exterior environments that could not have been created or visited otherwise. Matte painting with a pen rather than a mouse is so much easier, as you can replicate real brush strokes.

Health benefits (Carpal tunnel syndrome)

It’s not the first thing you’d think would be listed as a benefit, but ask any designer who now uses a pen instead of a mouse and they’ll tell you all about it. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the main nuisance of any desk worker, and it all comes from using a mouse. If you have pain, numbness and tingling in your ‘mouse hand’, this could be affecting you, too.
While CTS is common for people performing heavy manual work or working with vibrating tools, highly repetitive tasks – like moving a mouse – are also responsible, even though the motions are low force. Therefore, the health benefits of working on a Wacom tablet are very appealing.

Tablet portability

It goes without saying, but we will anyway: tablets, like any mobile device, are just that – mobile. You can carry it with you wherever you go, so should inspiration hit you, you needn’t rush back to the office. It also makes working from home an easy and inexpensive option.

Why buy when you can lease?

Creative designers often need big bank balances to afford all the equipment they need, but this needn’t be the case. Leasing Wacom tablets instead is highly affordable, whether you’re a freelance creative graphic designer, a university or a small business.
Tablet users
We have a number of different Wacom products available to lease, from the Wacom Intuos Pro Large Pen Tablet at just £3.30 +VAT per week, to the Wacom Clintiq 13HD Creative Pen Display at just £5.20 +VAT per week. For more advanced and larger-screened devices, there’s the Wacom Clintiq Companion 2, the Wacom Clintiq 22HD Creative Pen Display (both at around £12.00 + VAT) and the brilliant Wacom Clintiq 27QHD Creative Pen Display from just £13.30 +VAT per week.
As with all our Flexi-Leases, Hardsoft includes a 3-year warranty and we have our own team of engineers to assist you when you need extra support. If you’re thinking of leasing a Wacom tablet, give us a ring on 0207 111 1643 and we’d be happy to talk you through the options!