Computer Leasing for Small Business

5th August 2022
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Computing leasing for small business is a growing phenomenon in the IT sector.

Leasing computer hardware can hold some particular advantages for smaller companies. Interestingly, leasing business IT equipment is often associated with larger firms, yet this is merely a trend fuelled by a misconception.

That misconception is that leasing is too complex and expensive for smaller companies.

In reality, a computer equipment lease can be a highly affordable method for a small business to gain access to the very best tech that they could not afford to buy outright.

Let’s explore why computer leasing for small business could be a game changer.

Is Leasing Suitable For Small Businesses?

Leasing doesn’t have to be pricey, complicated, or a supply chain reserved for bigger agencies.

Small businesses might worry about whether they can qualify for a lease, but with Hardsoft the process is surprisingly simple.

In fact, small businesses should find that leasing makes acquiring and managing devices far easier.

There are several reasons why computer leasing for small business is an excellent strategic choice:

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Affordability – Small companies tend to have more modest budgets. Strangely, this is initially what puts many businesses off considering hardware leasing. They believe that leasing is more expensive overall. However, leasing actually makes computer hardware more affordable to small businesses. IT devices notoriously come with a hefty price tag, especially business models, and particularly if they are high quality and need to be bought in bulk for your whole team. That financial lump sum is simply not possible for many small businesses. With a lease, that cost is broken down into much smaller monthly payments.

Access To Incredible Tech – When buying devices outright, small businesses may have to compromise on what devices they can offer to their staff. The more sophisticated and newer the technology, the more expensive it tends to be. This places some businesses in the position of having to compromise on quality. While there is fantastic equipment that would perfectly suit your team’s needs and help you develop your business further, you can miss out when attempting to buy outright. With computer leasing for small business, the manageable payments give small firms access to tech they couldn’t have used otherwise.  

No IT Department – Many small businesses lack their own IT department. This can be a problem when tech issues crop up. However, with leasing, your supplier can handle tech support, strategic device support, installation, management and more.

Outsource Tech Support – Technical support for your new devices will be efficient and knowledgeable with your lease supplier. There is far less waiting around for assistance when your lease provider handles the tech support rather than some unrelated third-party firm. Your lease and equipment provider will know the hardware inside and out.

Choice Of Support & Service – Just as not every large business is the same, neither are small companies. Computer leasing for small business isn’t an inflexible box. There are many choices of lease style that can be tailored to complement the needs of a smaller or newer company. While Pure Rental is the most affordable option, Hardsoft also offers FLEXI-Lease and Devices For Teams. The latter is a Device as a Service style lease with automatic upgrades and tons of support services. It might be usually associated with bigger firms, but Hardsoft offers our DaaS solution in two tiers. The Essentials package is slightly less customisable but presents the option of DaaS for smaller businesses who want access to those incredible support services. FLEXI-Lease can also match a small business quite well as it gives lots of options to change or cancel the lease after only two years. Situations can change more quickly for small companies and so FLEXI-Lease can be a useful option.

Add Scale – While a DaaS option like Devices For Teams might seem a bit much for some small businesses, all those extra services can be very useful to help that company grow. While FLEXI-Lease is flexible for changing circumstances and Pure Rental is very affordable for small businesses, a DaaS solution can give a smaller company the tools to grow more quickly. If your business is looking to expand from small to large rapidly, then DaaS could be a great option. Small businesses can easily use leasing to add scale to their company.

Smaller Budgets – While some leases are geared towards larger companies, at Hardsoft there is something for businesses of every size. For very small businesses whose maximum priority is affordability and keeping prices down, there is Pure Rental. This is different from other leases, that typically work towards ownership, or have a huge number of bells and whistles on the service side. Pure Rental is a simple and straightforward lease. You rent the devices for the duration of the contract and then return them at the end. There is no worrying about obsoletion or device management as they are rentals. Best of all you can get up to 25% off the cost of the devices for big savings.

The Hardsoft Difference

So, there are lots of good reasons to look into computer leasing for your small business. However, Hardsoft’s unique methods make it even simpler for small businesses to get started in leasing.

Finance – Since Hardsoft has its own financial arm of the company and no third-party investors to interfere or slow us down, getting a lease with us is simple, easy, and efficient. We can quickly ascertain the value of your business and how good your plan is, then make a swift decision on whether to lease with you. There’s very little waiting around, or paperwork compared to other lease providers, making it one less headache for small firms.

Advice – With decades of experience and a reputation for innovation in the computer leasing industry, Hardsoft can offer relevant advice to small business to help you make the right decision about the type of lease and computer devices for your company.

free 72 hour trial on apple or PC devices

Trial – We also offer 72 hours free trial of equipment before you commit to leasing the hardware to ensure it is the perfect match for your staff.

Evaluation – Hardsoft can conduct thorough evaluations of your company to make sure our advice is tailored to your industry and business goals. We don’t just throw advice out there, but instead, help you to be strategic about the equipment you use and how it serves your employees.

Ease of use – Hardsoft is well known for providing an intuitive and simple leasing structure with little red tape and no fuss.

Configuration – We can fully configure all new devices to the accounts and apps of your individual staff members, saving busy businesses time and effort.

Remote deployment – We can send devices to all your staff in their homes as well as the office with the click of a button.

Installation – If you are having your hardware set up at the offices, we can help install all your new gear.

End of life care – The services don’t stop when you change the device. We can recycle and repurpose all hardware to make sure there is as little environmental impact as possible.

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MDM management – Small businesses often have multiple staff members accessing sensitive data and taking it home. Hardsoft can help small businesses register all devices on an MDM and control how staff can use the devices to avoid data breaches by human error.

It has never been easier for computer leasing for small business to save people time, and money, and allow them to access the best tech.