Coming Back to the Office with Apple

24th September 2021
coming back to the office with apple

Nearly all social distancing restrictions have been lifted in England. This means many staff are returning to the office after months on furlough or from WFH (working from home).

With a majority of staff returning to some degree, now is an excellent opportunity for businesses to assess their current setup and how they can help employees to work better and be happier.

Why Is Now The Best Time To Review Your Hardware?

The vaccine rollout has been progressing very quickly in the UK. Most of the adult population are now fully vaccinated. Even the vast majority of the 18–30-year age group have had at least one jab or been offered a jab.

poorly maintained computers

This makes it safer to return to the office after nearly a year and a half of homeworking.

A large proportion of companies discovered the limitations of their previous device strategy during the pandemic.

For those who had bought and stocked an office with desktop computers, the situation became complicated when workers suddenly had to work from home. The office equipment simply wasn’t adaptable to a rapidly changing situation.

Most workers were using personal computers, which were rife for cyber security breaches. Many were old, slow, and poorly maintained.

For offices that had bought their computers outright, it was challenging to source new, more portable business computer equipment quickly.

Now is the ideal time for businesses to evaluate their hardware arsenal and see how it can be improved for the future. This is due to the combined effect of

1) workers returning

2) better cashflow from businesses being open

3) a need to provide equipment for a flexible arrangement.

new laptops and equipment

Businesses should assess if their current hardware is up to the task of:

  • Allowing staff to work safely in multiple environments, 
  • Adapting quickly to changing situations
  • Increasing staff happiness
  • Improving staff productivity
  • Improving staff work output quality

A proportion of workers will be concerned about returning to the office. Giving them the best devices to do their work intuitively and efficiently can make a significant difference.

What’s Changed In The Way We Work?

While legislation has changed regarding the pandemic, things are not as they were.

Culturally the pandemic has caused a large impact. Many people can and will return to the office, yet some won’t. For many businesses, lockdowns proved that staff could be just as productive at home. It showed that less time spent in the office and commuting offered a better work life balance for employees.

hybrid working

In light of this, many companies will keep homeworking as an operations method. For others it may not be practical to do this for all staff all of the time, however, hybrid working will become much more popular. Hybrid working is where staff do a mixture of in-person and homeworking. 85% wanted to use a “hybrid” approach of both home and office working in future.

Other businesses may return to a more traditional setup yet may still face different types of changes.

Despite vaccinations and changing government policy, COVID is still very much with us, hence socially distanced offices, mask wearing etc. will be a common sight for a long time.

Therefore, not everyone will revert to exactly how it was before. The new cultural normal will have repercussions.

There is also the stumbling block of the situation changing. It is possible variants and rising cases could make the government change their strategy and issue new restrictions. It is possible lockdowns could make a comeback, particularly in winter when the NHS is under pressure.

Workers need access to high quality, secure, portable devices.

Big Changes From Apple Will Boost Productivity and Staff Happiness

It isn’t only the pandemic and restrictions easing that make it a good time to revaluate your devices.

If your business is considering a device strategy overhaul, then you’re in luck as this coincides with Apple making some big waves in the industry.

The new M1 chips launched this year. They will be featured in the latest MacBooks. It heralds Apple once again making their very own chips after years of using Intel’s chips.

These chips are a complete game changer for businesses looking to source new computer equipment. When tested against competitors’ chips the results were astonishing.

Not only do the new Apple M1 chips enable very high performing machines with impressive longevity, but they are also incredibly fast.

apple m1 chip

With an 8-core integrated CPU that has four cores for high performance and four dedicated to efficiency, it allows systems to seamlessly switch between battery conserving and high performance.

The CPU speeds are nearly 3 times as fast as same gen competitor chips, and the GPU is 5 times faster.

These speeds hold up even when using the Rosetta 2 emulator to run software build for Intel chips. There’s no compromise.

What this means for users is amazingly fast, efficient, high powered Apple Mac laptops that are highly adaptable to any software.

If you’re upgrading your devices for returning workers, these Macs will enable higher quality work, greater productivity, and staff satisfaction. They are also intuitive to use, extremely cyber secure and portable, making them the best devices for hybrid working.