Colour Accurate Screens save money?

11th March 2010
3 people in conversation looking at computer

A high proportion of Printers/Litho tell us that they are wasting money investing in a high quality monitors. This maybe true for the printer who never looks at his clients’ work on screen and never receives client proofs. For the rest of us a colour accurate monitor is a must if we want to save money and improve production.
The monitor is the cheapest place to get it right. A colour accurate LCD monitor is essential. A customer recently received a proof from his client with the instructions to ‘match my proof’. He opened the job in Adobe CS4 InDesign and soon saw there was a significant colour difference between the proof and the file.
A phone call to the client resolved the problem. Without the colour accurate monitor the press minder could have been wasting ages trying to match an impossible target.  HardSoft offer  a range of Colour Accurate screens from such places as NEC, Lacie , IIyama and Eizo. Suitable for both Apple Mac Pro and PC Workstations. We can add these to any of these products and are available on our flexible lease scheme.
If you are in doubt about your monitors  there is some free software to test it !  Go to http://www.presssign.comand download a fully working 30 day demo version of viewSIGN and see how your screens perform.
Contact HardSoft for options on leasing the Mac Pro or Workstation with Colour Accurate screens.