Many business people believe leasing is an expensive way of financing new computer equipment for your business. In reality all businesses lease their cars, photocopiers, franking machines, phones. The stark reality is its cheap finance and widely available whether a new or established company.

As an example……

HP 500B Mini Tower(WU345EA#ABU) – E3300 CPU,2Gb Ram,160gb hdd, dvd-rw, Win 7 pro + 19″ Sreen with Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business.

PC World Business want £ 564 plus VAT…….      Dabs want………… £588 plus VAT

HardSoft wants £608.40    BUT this is spread over 3 years. just £16.90   per month plus VAT

Forgetting about the extra such as tax allowances, inclusive 3 years warranty, upgrade & renewal options ! As a comparison against a bank well lets even go there. If banks can be bothered to lend money in these difficult times then they often want ridiculous fees, security and high interest rates. Consider IT leasing as its cheaper with many extra benefits.


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