Apple Price Drop

8th March 2010
Laptop shown with someone's hands on it with their accessories around them

HardSoft Computers have today reduced the price of their Five User fully installed Apple Mac network by  7% .
Originally £69 per week on our three year flexible lease contract this is now £64 plus VAT per week and includes a Mac Mini Server with Drobo back up plus 5 X Apple iMacs, with cabling and installation.  The reduction in price is in part due to the ease of installation with the advent of Snow Leopard Server. HardSoft have  been offering Leasing on IT Networks for over fifteen years  predominantly around Microsoft Small Business server 2008. Last year HardSoft introduced the first Apple Mac network following the release of Snow Leopard Server from Apple. This is now a true alternative to a Microsoft network. Though more expensive on a like for like basis the true cost of ownership becomes apparent in the long term ease of use and reliability. HardSoft can include any of the Apple Macs and the Server could be an Xserve instead.