Apple iPad Pro – what do you think?

29th December 2015
Apple Pencil being used on an iPad

Launched in November 2015 and no doubt turning up in many people’s Christmas stockings (29 per cent of the people we polled said they’d ask Santa for one), Apple’s iPad Pro is billed as an ‘iPad that lets you be more creative and more productive’, with features that add ‘another dimension’ to that all-immersive experience.
Released under the strapline: ‘Thin. Light. Epic.’, it comprises a 12.9 inch Retina display, an A9X chip with 64-bit ‘desktop class architecture’ which far exceeds the CPU and graphics performance of the iPad Air 2, more built-in apps, enhanced multi-touch technology and a slim design.
That’s all very nice, but what do the professionals say? Does this beautifully-designed product live up to expectation? What do YOU think? Here’s a round-up of some reviews, plus comments from users on Twitter.

“A brilliant iPad”

Writing for, Gareth Beavis’s summation is: “A brilliant iPad that takes the devices into a new realm…it is, by some distance, one of the most brilliant tablets I’ve ever used.” He sees the iPad Pro as an attempt at a laptop replacement, but stresses it isn’t a MacBook with a detachable screen. Apple has covered a lot of bases with it: it’s perfect for those who want to browse idly while on the sofa, yet powerful enough to perform “image modifications in a heartbeat”. The four speakers also impress, making it perfect for watching movies. Beavis believes the weight, however, is a disadvantage, claiming it’s not something you could hold in one hand for any length of time.
“Just remember: the iPad Pro is oversized to solve a problem and you’ll have to actively want that extra size to really enjoy. If you want an average tablet, you might find this a bit too much.” That said, he reminds readers that the large screen comes with added benefits, such as the Split Screen mode which allows easier multi-tasking; something you picked up on too.
Benjamin Weiss
iPad Pro image 1

“It means business”

Elissa Loi at, meanwhile, hails the crisp display “it’s managed to cram 5.6 million pixels into the Pro’s screen giving it a 2732 x 2048 pixel payoff. So despite the bigger display, you’re still getting the blisteringly sharp viewing experience you’re used to with iOS devices. Vibrant colours, deep blacks, and no discernible pixels as far as my eyes could detect.”
She also loves its speed (“This processor can simultaneously render up to three streams of 4K video footage in iMovie”), the improved sound and “super long” battery life. Whether gaming or streaming, Loi says the experience is “addictive”. She does, though, bemoan the fact that accessories are not included and encourages consumers to pick these up. Specifically, she refers to the Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, the latter of which Loi adored: “It’s almost like writing on paper.”
She concluded that the iPad Pro: “means business, but works even better as a premium entertainment hub. Make sure you pick up a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro. That’s a lot of screen you’ll have just bought yourself, best make the most of it.”

“Love the Apple Pencil”

People laughed when the Apple Pencil was unveiled, yet the comments we received via Twitter demonstrate that this is a serious tool, and an incredibly useful one. Though it’s one of the biggest styluses on the market, it has been designed that way – to replicate the user’s experience of working with a real pencil. It appears to be a success.
Boris AKA Bryan Cook
What’s more, the screen is intelligent enough not to discern between the user’s palm and the pencil, meaning there’s no awkward handling of this stylus in order to avoid strange blobs.
Nick Bohlen 1
Nick Bohlen 2

“Everything is possible on the smaller iPads”

iPad Pro image 2A review by Susie Ochs for leads with the Pencil, which she says “[lets] you do more with Apple’s tablet than ever before”. Ochs believes that the Pencil is the iPad Pro’s biggest selling point, making just doodling a “wonderful experience”. Also, with the “faster processor and more RAM, the iPad Pro can enable a new class of applications that feel as powerful as desktop apps.” Like her fellow reviewers, Ochs highlights the iPad Pro’s use as an entertainment device, with speakers that could easily fill a room with sound, even without a Bluetooth speaker nearby. She finds it light in comparison with the MacBook Air, but perhaps a little large when used to watch a film or read a book. Aside from the Pencil, though, Ochs writes that she is “hard-pressed to name a task I can do better on the iPad Pro than on the smaller (and more reasonably priced) iPads in the line-up.” It’s all about the Pencil.
Despite the improved power, speed, resolution and sound, it would appear that to get the very most out of your iPad Pro, buying the Pencil is essential. Then you can doodle to your heart’s content!
If you’d like to find out about leasing an iPad Pro with Pencil, Smart Keyboard and protective covers, please get in touch on 0207 111 1643.