Apple Classroom Apps are Changing for 2018! Find out how right here

16th July 2018
People working on tablets and computers

Over the last 30 years, HardSoft has had the privilege of working in partnership with educators to understand how the latest technology we lease helps teachers unlock the full potential of their students. We’re excited at HardSoft to introduce the new Apple iPad, ready to lease, packed with powerful apps and a brand-new curriculum to help teachers ensure each child has an array of magical, technology-led and interactive learning experiences.

This FAQ-style blog answers some of the inevitable questions that will come with the recent iPad release and iOS 11 updates regarding changes to Apple apps.

If you have any other questions or can’t find what you’re looking for here, then give our dedicated team of Apple trained engineers a call on 0207 1111 643, leave a comment or use our WebChat feature and talk to us live and online.

FAQ: Apple apps changing in 2018 

There have been a number of updates to; Pages, Keynote and Numbers for iPad to ensure users can take full advantage of the new Multi-Touch Display and Apple Pencil capabilities to draw and write within applications. The new ‘Smart Annotation’ Beta also gives educators access to an effective way to give students feedback. Pages, for both iPad and Mac, now allows both students and teachers to create interactive digital books that can include: Photos, Video and Illustrations.

Q. Do the new iWork Features work with older iPad devices?
A. Devices that are iOS 11-compatible will support all of the new software features. Even without an Apple Pencil users can still select the drawing and annotation modes with their finger or third-party stylus.

Q. What’s the difference between drawing in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote and Drawing in Notes?
A. Keynote, Pages and Numbers give users more advanced creative tools than in notes. You can now add textures when using the crayon, Fill tools to colour accurately, and select from thousands of colour options. Drawn objects are also directly editable, users can resize, change colours, and copy them between documents.

Q. What’s Smart Annotation Beta?
A. A new feature in Pages, Smart Annotation allows users to write comments and feedback whilst ‘anchoring’ text to those comments. Giving instant, clear and above all accessible feedback direct from teacher to student.

Q. What’s the difference between Smart Annotation beta and writing or drawing in Pages?
A. Pages are intended to be used for content creation within a document like; Illustrations, a written label, or details added to an image. Drawing tools like Fill colour include infinite colour options which enable limitless customisation. Smart Annotation beta is used to anchor annotations to select pieces of text: They move with the text as the user works in the document. The tools in Smart Annotation beta are simpler and easier to use; making it easy to delete and alter comments and feedback after incorporating them or hiding them before printing.

Q. Pages has a new feature that allows users to create books. What’s the difference between creating books in Pages and creating books in iBook Author?
A. iBooks Author has more functionality; more widgets, a glossary and e-book previews. But Apple is encouraging users to engage with and explore Pages as they have said more functions are coming to the App.

Q. Can books be published directly to the iBooks Store from Pages?
A. Any books created in Pages can be exported as ePub files and published via a Mac by using the iTunes Producer app. The iTunes Producer app is available only on Mac.

Q. What’s new with GarageBand?
A. There’s an all-new ‘Toy Box’ sound pack that is available with free ‘education’ sound effects. These include animals, vehicles and counting to ten in different languages.

Q. What’s new with the Clips app?
A. Additional Live Titles, animated labels and stickers. It also now offers new posters for creating animated title cards, including; education-themed blackboard and notebook designs.