Apple Business Manager is not an MDM – We Explain Why

28th August 2020
iMac and keyboard, MacBook Pro, and iPad all on a desk

We’re talking about Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management (MDM)solutions.

How do I sign up for Apple Business Manager?

To enrol on Apple Business Manager all you have to do is complete a few details and you’re up and running – you can find a link by simply Googling Apple Business Manager.

How do I enrol my devices on Apple Business Manager?

Registering products is just a case of entering the serial number of the device on the portal and then they will sit there for you to see as assets in the Apple Business Manager. Once your organisation is enrolled, a list of your assets will be available for you to access going forward. This is an exclusive service only run by Apple in conjunction with Apple authorised resellers such as HardSoft. So we can help you with this process. If you have any problems with their portal.

Do I need an MDM?

Yes! An MDM, or mobile device management, piece of software is a great idea. Apple Business Manager is an exceptionally good assets manager. You can see your products and you can see what they are doing. An MDM solution in conjunction with that is when the fireworks start to happen. At HardSoft, we love Jamf, it’s the best Apple MDM solution on the market. And once your products then talk to between Jamf and Apple Business Manager, you can start to control, look at where they are deployed, software, deploy updates and messages to the group. If something gets stolen, or someone leaves, you can block that device and send out some messages to people. You have total control from your desktop.

How do I buy and assign apps to my staff?

Under the Apple Business Manager, you’re also enrolled in the Apple VPP, the volume purchasing program. This is basically a way of purchasing through one portal, but at a discounted price. So, let’s say we want to roll out Expensify to our salespeople. We can then use my MDM solution like Jamf and we can highlight those people in that department and deploy that app to that. In conjunction with VPP we purchase the app, with MDM we then deploy that to all staff that we need.

What support do I get from HardSoft with Apple Business Plan?

Our technicians are fully trained to give you help over the phone, remote dial-in support, or if you want to train some of your staff and set them up, we’ll come to you. And we’ll set you up with your MDM Jamf solution and Apple business manager.

Is there role management in Apple Business Manager?

Yes, there is role management and we can personalise the experience by using both Apple business manager and an MDM solution like Jamf. This way, we can then select different user profiles for different people, different roles for people responsibilities. So we can have a supervisor level login for someone, and we can have a lesser level for someone else. Those two people can log into the same device and have a personalised experience of what the screen shows, what apps are loaded up and pulled from the MDM solution.

What are the benefits of role management?

So there’s a number of different benefits in using Apple Business Manager and Jamf as an MDM solution. We could use one product and have multiple users using that. For example, a salesperson could log in and get his Zoho apps, his, Timetastic, things like that. Whereas an accountant can log into the same device and the MDM would then pull up all of the relevant apps that he would use. So Zero, Expensify, things like that. So if you have other products that someone leaves and you need to redeploy that, let’s say a salesperson leaves and an accountant joins you, they can actually wipe that device remotely using MDM solution, set up their profile remotely on the MDM portal, and then actually upload the apps that are going to be relevant to that user.

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