Do you need Anti virus on a Mac ?

3rd January 2016
Mac Virus protection HardSoft

Got a Mac? Thought about Virus issues ? Probably not … but you should……
Mac users, have been very lucky to avoid malware that has plagued PC users. This is because OSX is so much harder to build a Virus for. It is a huge misconception though of the Mac user that they do not need to invest in anti virus or malware solutions……

Your Mac is not immune to viruses, they have not encountered as large a number as other platforms but it does not mean they aren’t coming. With the explosion of Mac’s being bought in the consumer and business markets, it is only a matter of time until they too are targeted by the Virus creators.

With many Mac users open to the threat it is important that Virus Mac HardSoftyou get yourself covered. When purchasing a PC, it is the norm for Anti Virus software to be purchased and installed at the same time. It is the PC users mindset to ensure their device is protected at all times. The Mac user, although not always thinking about viruses are often computer savvy and understand that they need to protect this powerful work tool that they possess.
Many of the “usual suspects” of anti virus protection, up until around two years ago, did not supply virus protection for Macs. Norton, McAfee and such like have been forced to join the Mac revolution and offer products suitable for the devices. Although these companies have made the move to Mac, they have not been very successful. User reviews have found them to be wanting and not as efficient as the PC side of things. There are a number of other providers out there, finding the best fit for you and your company is essential to all Mac users.
AVG AntiVirus for Macs is currently free. The technology scans our Mac in the background using “Resident shield”. AVG antivirus for Mac HardSoftIt scans quickly and automatically so you do not have to remember to do it. You can use it to secure all of your Mac devices not just the iMac. It also protects against sending malware to others on mail. I must point out here, that although the service is running for free now, once established, a charge will be likely added.
Intego is an AntiVirus solution that is the best reviewed security product.intego antivirus for Mac HardSoft As well as protecting your Mac, it can also detect viruses on Microsoft Windows   At HardSoft we know that our customers run Parallels, the Windows software for a Mac, so often so that we offer it as one of our FREEBIES. If you need to protect a network of users, Intego Flexivity has a range of uses which are extremely helpful. As part of your package, you can retain a detailed log of how the device is being used, including apps and websites visited. The software can also lock the device out of certain apps and control internet usage. In extreme cases, screen capture can be used when a keyword is typed or at set intervals to prove misconduct in a work setting. Although it is twice as expensive as the usual McAfee and Norton, these benefits are especially suited to the business field. The Intego solution offers more than the usual Anti Virus system.
laptop and shield antivirusHardSoft feel confident that Intego can provide the perfect solution for Mac users. They go above and beyond what is provided by others and provide Mac solutions not PC solutions re-engineered for Macs. Please make sure that your business is covered, do not fall in to the belief that as a Mac user you are safe from viruses.
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