3 Reasons Why Apple is Perfect for the Workplace and your Business

5th December 2020
Apple Family of Devices on white background

Windows vs Apple, which is better? It’s a question that’s been around since Apple first launched in 1976, but we finally have the answer. Here’s why Apple is perfect for the workplace.

An Apple computer comes with a hefty price tag. You’re looking at around a minimum of £1000 for a desktop computer vs a few hundred for a basic PC. 

So is an Apple Mac worth it? 

The short answer is, yes! Apple devices have excellent usability, integration with other services and little to no maintenance. There are plenty of websites, blogs, and podcasts that help explain why Apple is better for your business, for example, one of our favourites, Apple @ Work.

What Is Apple @ Work?

Apple @ Work is a useful podcast, all about using Apple devices in your business. It covers topics like whether AppleCare is a worthy investment and looks in-depth at certain differences and advantages of Apple vs PC.

M1 Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini on white background
Apple’s New Macs with M1 Chip

Here are 3 Reasons Why Apple is Perfect for the Workplace:

1. Usability

A lot of people find Apple Mac computers difficult to use, but actually, they are just different from what you are used to. When you get to know the differences between Apple devices and windows, you will soon find that Apple is far easier to use.

And when something is easier to use, it’s more efficient. This is going to save your business and employees both time and money.

Simple things like taking screenshots to quickly copy and paste information and share it without downloading or attaching files are incredible. And all those seconds build up into a lot of minutes and hours of time saved!

2. Integration

Not only does Apple provide a ton of creative software included in each machine, but it also integrates seamlessly with products such as Google. G Suite is an incredible tool for business and far surpasses the Microsoft Office suite.

If you are a small business you can even use the G Suite apps for free. Even if you are a larger business and pay for Google Workspace, it would be cheaper than hosting your own email server for example. 

Google even integrates with other software, reducing the number of usernames and passwords your employees need to remember, and Google Workspace also includes extra security features to keep your mind at ease.

There are even Mac management systems which integrate with Google, like Jamf, which has partnerships with Google for all kinds of exciting features just for your Mac devices. You can even log into your Mac using your Google account details. 

3. Low Maintenance

With Apple’s excellent integration of applications such as Google Workplace, you no longer need to worry about managing security and updates for your own servers. You also don’t need to budget for maintenance or replacement of servers. 

At HardSoft, we have a cheaper than buying Apple leasing service, so you also don’t need to worry about the cost of your Mac or replacing it when it gets old and tired. We provide a 3-year warranty, access to our Apple-certified Support Desk and optional Accidental Damage Cover.

Apple Mac from HardSoft

Now you have lots of reasons to choose Apple devices over PC. We are an Apple authorised reseller, and you can lease from us for less than £20 a week! Contact us to find out more, we would love to speak with you about the solutions we can offer to your company. Call 020 7111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk