We at Hardsoft are proud to announce that we have successfully secured a lease contract to supply Hasselblad the world’s premier camera manufacture with new Apple Macs’s on our flexible lease option. Hasselblad UK have taken delivery of three highly specified Apple Mac Pros, which are installed at their UK head office in Borehamwood, Herts. Many photographers may well see them as they pop in. Hardsoft have been supplying IT and Photographic products through our Flexi Lease Program for many years. In fact the owner of the Cambridgeshire Franchise , David Hawkins, has fifteen years experience in Architectural photography.As a photographer, keeping up with digital age and the competition is important to stay ahead of the game, but so is hanging on to that hard earned cash. Our Flexi Lease program will not only give the equipment you need today but enable you to maximise your cash flow. HardSoft can provide a bespoke Mac , including the new 12 core Mac Pro with accessories and software such as Adobe, Aperture etc on a three year lease with hardware support and warranty and optional accidental insurance cover


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