Recently with the re-emergence of the Crypto Ransomware virus coming back in to our lives and evolving faster than your favourite Pokemon, we have been spreading the word of how to avoid a cyber attack. We are also under constant threat of ‘Malvertising’ – when a legitimate URL you click on contains an infected ad banner. Annoyingly, this leads to the victim being infected without even clicking on an attachment.Malwarebytes solution

If your business has been subjected to a virus, you will know all of the problems that it can cause you. There is a danger of data loss, data being stolen for malicious reasons, computers out of action, spreading the virus to your clients and taking your website out of action. All of this will impact your business costing you legally, regulatory, and damaging your reputation. Companies are paying out thousands of pounds to rectify the damage done. Paying a ransom, calling on an engineer to restore data and the time out of your business for a small offence will still cost you dearly.

Thankfully we now have a real solution! We believe that Malwearbytes, the Anti-Malware solution for business is what you need!

There are two levels of protection on offer, Malwarebytes Anti- Malware Malwarebytes solutionfor Business, which fits in snugly with your existing anti-virus protection and will add a second layer of steel protection to ensure ALL malware is caught and dealt with. The remediation technology can easily remove any virus’ that attack your business. With a small footprint the malware scanner will not slow your machine and can detect a virus before many other suppliers. The second solution is Malwarebytes Anti- Exploit for Business which halts cyber attacks in their tracks- even before they enter your network. With four layers of protection, this is instant coverage and will shield your company from all threats! “In the first stage of the attack, anti-exploit prevents shell code execution. In the second stage, it stops memory calls, sandbox escapes, and memory mitigation.”  Even this all of this security is not going to take up much space and will not need frequent updates.  Both solutions are known as Malwarebytes Endpoint Security and can be purchased for £199.95 for 5 users from Malwarebytes.screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-13-24-05

At HardSoft we are dedicated to helping our customers steer clear of attack. Protect your company today and sleep soundly! You can add Malwarebytes to your leasing options and spread the cost. Endpoint Security is available from £4+ VAT per user per month. Take out a flexi-lease with HardSoft today by speaking to one of our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643 or emailing All of our flexi- leases come with FREE three year warranty, telephone technical support and outstanding renewal options.



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