It’s no exaggeration to say that Apple sparked a tech revolution when it released the iPhone back in 2007. Back then, the flagship device had just 128MB of RAM, a 2.0-megapixel camera and 412 MHz of processing power – but it was all still enough to change the day-to-day lives of millions of people across the world.

Fast forward nine years and the latest release, the iPhone 6S, continues to help users the world over get through their hectic work days more efficiently and productively. So how do you harness the full power of this magnificent piece of tech in your own professional environment? The answer, of course, is apps – and we’re going to give you a head start by listing five of the best available right now. In no particular order…

Twitter – Social networking (free) [download]

OK, so this one isn’t strictly for business users, but if you’re not already using it in a professional capacity, you should be. The hugely popular microblogging platform is, by some distance, the best tool out there for on-the-go networking. The vast majority of business leaders worth caring about have profiles, and you’re no further than a few taps away from making contact and forging valuable relationships.
Two blue bird, dove, pigeon on speech bubble.Regularly checking your feed (something to which you’ll quickly become addicted) is also one of the easiest ways to stay on top of the latest goings on in your industry. As long as you’re following the right sources, you’ll have easy access to a wealth of valuable, up-to-date info that could influence your own decisions.

Dragon Dictation – Note-taking (free) [download]

Writing notes is something most people do every day at work, whether they’re taking minutes from a meeting or simply jotting down ideas after a mid-lunch brainwave. Either way, the process takes up valuable time and cause clutter. It needn’t do either if you have Dragon, though.

Dragon is a dictation app that converts your speech into text in real-time. It’s not like the shoddy, basic voice-recognition apps you may have experienced in the past, either – it uses the company’s hugely impressive NaturallySpeaking engine, which is more than capable of picking up your spoken words. As well as taking notes, you can also use it to compose emails and general documents. A great time-saving weapon!

Outdoor notebook pen mobile on a wooden background

Microsoft Remote Desktop – Remote working (free) [download]

The reason smartphones are so important to modern businesses is because they allow employees to carry on working away from the office – they’re essentially mini computers. That said, there will be times when you need to access your desktop back at base, whether it’s to retrieve an important file or just to check on some locally stored information. Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to do that from pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Top view on the desktop
Of course, there will be restrictions – you’ll be working on a much smaller screen for a start – but you’ll still have access to many of the useful programs Windows offers, including Excel and PowerPoint.

Dropbox – cloud storage (free) [download]

If, like most people, you work across a range of different devices, you need to make sure the appropriate bridges exist between each one; they need to work well together. Cloud storage is a big part of that, and Dropbox may well be the best example.button

Once registered, the app allows you to keep files – photos, documents, videos and music – in one place, reachable from any internet-connected device. That includes not only your iPhone, but your iPad, desktop and laptop too. Basically, wherever you are and whatever you’re using, you have easy access to the stuff you need. What’s more, if you happen to misplace a device while out and about, you don’t lose all of the valuable contents stored in its physical memory.

Find out more about Dropbox Business here.

30/30 – Time management (free) [download]

If you’re constantly finding yourself saying “there aren’t enough hours in the day,” you need a decent task management app. More specifically, you need this task management app.

Women using phone and watch check health apps
30/30 promises to increase your productivity by helping you ensure you’re using your limited time in the best possible way. It uses an intuitive gesture-based interface to help you work through your to-do list in the correct order, timing you as you go. You could, for example, set ten minutes for checking emails, followed by 15 minutes to read an important article and an hour to meet with a colleague. When your time’s up for each one, you’ll get an alarm telling you to move on – a quick swipe of the thumb takes you to the next part of your day.

It’s a simple concept but one that works extremely well for those who are distracted easily.

Above are just five of the game-changing business apps you can find for your iPhone. Apple’s famous App Store is actually packed full with more than 1.5 million different applications in total for you to download to your very own iPhone, so be sure to do some exploring!


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