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Have you been considering the new MacBook recently? We have had some brilliant feedback from customers, detailing why it is working out so well for them. Here are some reasons that the 12″ MacBook might be the laptop for you- there is more to it. This lightweight little beauty is so portable, so pretty and so powerful with tech specs recently updated – available with Core m7 CPU- and built how MacBooks used to be made.macbook HardSoft

I said it, it is lightweight. Does this mean it is flimsy though- not at all! It is actually one of the best build qualities I have seen on an Apple laptop and certainly, the stylish and streamlined chassis feels up to the challenge of everyday usage. I would always protect the aluminium case with a case, but this is not essential. A plastic hard case, however, is cheap and easy to procure from Amazon.

It makes no noise. No, none, not a sausage! Thanks to, incredibly, having no fans or moving Hard Disk. I am currently working on my MacBook Pro with Retina and the fan is whirring away. That is fine for me, as I do not make any voice or video recordings. If you are Vlogging/ Blogging/ YouTubing and Podcasting than the 12″ MacBook is going to be a great option for you.

With External MacBook Dock

The MacBook has one cable port… yes, only one.  You can plug in an external display and utilise an extra screen easily. We have a selection of third-party 4K displays with USB-C. Most new external displays can also be used as charger and docking station. You can also use this port to charge of course. It allows the design to look sleek and neat, no doubt Apple would not make a device with one port which did not comply with all other accessories so watch this space. We have an external docking unit from OWC available already. USB-C is fast and has been

Low battery? More options to charge… As the USB-C is widely available in portable Power Banks, you can easily charge on the go. The MacBook Pro Retinas does not come with such an easy solution. There are some great ones on the market which will fully charge your laptop from around £50. This is invaluable to those working on the move, although saying this, the battery is made to last for 10 hours.

Charging the MacBook on USB-C via LG 4K display

Charging the MacBook on USB-C via LG 4K display

Exporting 4k video’s is a breeze. This little machine can shoot out large video files no problem. It is a small notebook with a huge amount of gumption, it has surprised our customers! Not only does it handle these large files, it plays them on one large speaker.  The speaker runs the length of the brilliant keyboard. Where in the past you may have resorted to headphones to get a louder, clearer sound it is no longer necessary. The USB-C interface supports the new LG n27UD88 display directly.

The screen is a beauty. As Retina display has been around for a while it is not surprising that the MacBook is sporting it, although it is not available on the MacBook Air. The colour accuracy and a screen that can scale to 1440-by-900 (Hi-DPI) the potential to edit photo and video is great and all on a 12″ laptop. External display will support 4k resolution. For all of those creative professionals leasing, this is one to seriously consider!

You can lease the MacBook from just £10.95 +VAT per week from HardSoft. Choose from Silver, Gold, Space Grey or Rose Gold. If you would like to get a no strings quote from our helpful sales team, give us a call on 0207 111 1643 or email With our Flexi- Lease, you can take advantage of 3 years Free warranty and technical support and upgrade options. Check out the benefits of leasing for your company and get in touch today!free leasing


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