Why Is Pure-Rental A Great Choice For Hardware Sourcing In Today’s Market?

31st May 2022
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For businesses who are seeking computer hardware for their staff, there are several options available.

Companies might choose to either Buy, Lease, or Rent their devices.

A rental lease, like Hardsoft’s Pure-Rental is particularly appealing for many businesses during the current market conditions.

A large amount of economic fluctuation over the past few years has led to increased uncertainty for businesses. It can be challenging to predict consumer behaviour and the viability of a new business or growth rates. Economic recessions, Brexit, the pandemic, and an ever-advancing digital world, all make for an interesting, if somewhat stressful, environment for businesses. One thing it does not offer is predictability.

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In such a turbulent market, businesses crave the lowest costs possible and less commitment to individual products but also ongoing support services.

This is why a Pure-Rental lease is a great choice for computer hardware in today’s market.

Let’s look to the details of why this is the case:

Buying – While this was once the only method of sourcing hardware, this supply chain model is becoming less popular in the current climate. This is mainly due to cost, operational burdens, the economy, and the fast-paced rate of advancement in computer technology.

Computer equipment is now essential for almost every job. A business cannot get off the ground or expand without hardware, yet it is very expensive. Additionally, businesses then have extra costs that go towards maintaining the equipment and troubleshooting it when there are errors. There is also the burden of setup, managing how staff use the devices, solving tech issues, servicing the equipment and recycling it when it is too old. This is very time-consuming.  

Due to being expensive, and creating downtime spent on device management, many businesses have turned away from buying and towards leasing.

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Traditional Leasing – Leasing computer devices significantly reduces the impact of the cost. Rather than hefty sums to be paid all at once upfront, leasing spreads that amount in digestible monthly payments. The result is better cash flow for businesses, which in economically unstable times is a major plus.

While all leasing systems are different, some offer other excellent advantages, such as enhanced support, which remove the stress of maintaining the devices and save time for companies. Other models provide hyper flexibility on the lease for changing circumstances. A few, such as DaaS models even offer automatic upgrades. However, most traditional lease models work towards ownership.

Rental Leases – Rental leases are a wonderful choice for the current market since they do not work towards ownership. Businesses give the devices back at the end of the lease. This can be a big plus since the company’s tech does not then become obsolete and deadweight as newer models are released by the manufacturer. Device maintenance is at a minimum as the business is only renting the equipment. There are also huge cost cuts of up to 25%, while still offering smaller and newer businesses the chance to utilise the best computer equipment possible.

Considering the changing makeup of the economy, Pure-Rental is a sensible decision for businesses to make with their computer hardware.