Creating an Apple Business Manager Account

16th February 2021
Apple device management desktop and laptop blog

If you’re a business who could benefit from more efficient deployment and management of your staff’s Apple hardware, then you have likely considered joining or upgrading to Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager helps businesses of various sizes seamlessly order and post new Apple devices to workers, including remote staff.

The portal also allows mass deployment of applications remotely, so your employees have what they require to work safely.

Apple Business Manager can sync to your MDM for even greater control and management of your workforce’s hardware.

So, how can you join Apple Business Manager to access these benefits?

How to Upgrade to an Apple Business Manager Account

If your business was already enrolled in Apple’s DEP, then it is advised that you upgrade to Apple Business Manager.

ABM is intended to replace and consolidate Apple Deployment Programs.

Upgrading is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. All you must do is go to and sign in using your Apple Deployment Programs Agent account.

You will be presented with some simple on-screen instructions.

Having followed the necessary steps, you will have successfully upgraded. Apple Business Manager will, therefore, have all your accounts, MDM servers, devices, server tokens, device orders, and everything else you need, right there, in the new ABM portal.

How to Create an Apple Business Manager Account

If you’re enrolling a business in Apple Business Manager for the first time, it is still a remarkably simple process and it’s completely free.

Step 1) Head on over to

Step 2) At the bottom of the box underneath ‘Forgotten Managed Apple ID or Password’, you will see a button entitled, ‘Not an Apple Business Yet? Enrol Now. Click Enrol Now.

Step 3) You will be asked to provide a few business details, including:

  • Business name
  • Business phone number
  • Business website domain
  • A valid D-U-N-S number for your company. (These numbers are assigned to qualified businesses by Dun & Bradstreet. Click here to discover your number or to be assigned a D-U-N-S number.)
  • A business email address that is not already associated with an existing Apple ID. (Gmail and Yahoo mail addresses are not applicable)
  • Provide a suitable verification contact. This should be someone who has the authority to manage your Apple Business ID and account and accept terms and conditions.

What Happens Next?

Apple will review all the submitted information within your enrolment application.

Ensure your verified contact is available to supply additional company information and credentials if asked.

This contact will receive a verification when your business has been successfully approved for Apple Business Manager.

They will need to respond to this verification notification by confirming the initial administrator of the account.

You are then signed up for Apple Business Manager and can start assigning administration roles, adding devices, and making purchase orders.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the enrolment forms.

Don’t forget to choose a domain. When you enrol into ABM, you will be asked to enter a relevant business website. This will be used to create a default domain for your managed Apple IDs. Don’t worry because you can easily change this domain after you enrol and even add other domains as well. However, you will need to verify them. You can also invite any required VPP accounts too.