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Eight hidden tips and tricks for macOS Big Sur that you might not know.

30th December 2020

Now we do all know about macOS Big Sur’s redesigned menu bar with a brand spanking new control centre. But what about all of the new menu bar options? It brings us new controls for functions, like do not disturb Airdrop. And you can now see what’s currently playing from sources like Safari, Spotify, QuickTime, […]

Top leased laptops of 2020 with 3:2 screens

24th December 2020

Laptop screens with a 3:2 aspect ratio provide all the benefits of a large working area alongside true portability. These days, many laptops come with an ultrawide and short 16:9 aspect ratio, which is great for entertainment but less suited to work tech. On a taller and squarer 3:2 ratio screen there’s room to multitask, […]

What is HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease ‘Change’ Option, and How Does it Work?

18th December 2020

Change your devices after two years and upgrade to the latest tech with HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease Flexi-Lease is our unique solution which offers our customers 3 options after two years, which is designed to give you full control. When you reach the two-year point of your lease, your account manager will email you to let you know […]

How Digital Tools Are Making Things Easier For Startups

17th December 2020

The concept of the scrappy startup fighting to succeed with limited resources has been around since time immemorial. Figuring out how to demonstrate value, attract investment, make smart hiring choices… It’s all part of starting your first business. That said, despite the sheer scope of the internet, it’s currently harder in some key ways for […]

Christmas is Coming – and this Year HardSoft is Open!

11th December 2020

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, the global Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns have seen businesses needing to pause, so now, as everyone is working hard to get back to where we all should be, we’ve decided that we’ll remain open between Christmas and New Year this year to support our customers. HardSoft will close […]

3 Reasons Why Apple is Perfect for the Workplace and your Business

5th December 2020

Windows vs Apple, which is better? It’s a question that’s been around since Apple first launched in 1976, but we finally have the answer. Here’s why Apple is perfect for the workplace. An Apple computer comes with a hefty price tag. You’re looking at around a minimum of £1000 for a desktop computer vs a […]

How is Thunderbolt 4 Technology Different from Thunderbolt 3?

4th December 2020

Although Thunderbolt 4 is the latest version of the Thunderbolt technology, it is arguably more of (marketing) evolution than a revolution! The TB4 spec is the same as the TB3 spec* but it required that the PC vendors meet a minimum spec/criteria in their TB ports. For example, Lenovo often referred to TB3 ports in […]

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