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Apple iPad Pro – what do you think?

29th December 2015

Launched in November 2015 and no doubt turning up in many people’s Christmas stockings (29 per cent of the people we polled said they’d ask Santa for one), Apple’s iPad Pro is billed as an ‘iPad that lets you be more creative and more productive’, with features that add ‘another dimension’ to that all-immersive experience. […]

Focus on the HP Sprout

Well I never, there has been a Blackberry, Apple Raspberry Pie and an Apricot… But I never expected a Sprout! I was wondering if it was a nod to loving or hating Brussel Sprouts but I actually think it is imagery for a sprouting idea- in to a creative tree. Although the name could be […]

Top five Christmas gifts for creative geeks

3rd December 2015

If you’re not one yourself, geeks can be pretty hard to buy for, so what do you get that creative type in your life this Christmas? Well, have no fear, we’re here to help. Here are the top five Christmas gifts we think any geek will love, whether they’re a designer, animator or developer. iPad […]

QNAP Revolutionizing the world of Data Transfer/storage

29th November 2015

Quality Network Appliance Provider, or QNAP for short have released a revolutionary NAS storage product called the TVS-871T  that is capable of transferring and storing data at astonishing speeds on up to 3 devices simultaneously, whilst also being expandable to up to 6 of these units. It is then able to hold a combined total of […]

Server RAID options explained

21st November 2015

When leasing a Server, our customers are usually aware that they need to state which Raid rating they require, thanks to an outside source like an IT consultant. They just do not know what it actually means. If you would like a VERY simple explaination, read on… RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of […]

Which Wacom tablet is best for your needs?

9th November 2015

By now, most creative arts professionals are aware of the benefits of pen tablets. Not only that, most know that these devices are becoming essential pieces of kit in order to do the job properly. The question, then, isn’t why should you use a Wacom tablet (after all, we’ve already covered that here), but which […]

Thinking of getting BT Infinity? STOP… and call us first!

28th October 2015

Upgrading to BT Infinity or Fibre ? Speak to us first before you end up losing the internet altogether Thinking of updating your current Broadband to Fibre Optic? What a great idea! With BT offering up to 76Mb download speeds at great prices, why wouldn’t you? This is happening up and down the country, our […]

Finding the right iPad case for the Classroom

27th October 2015

When speaking to schools about iPad leasing, a main concern is always breakages. That is why at HardSoft we offer FREE accidental damage cover on all of our iPad leases. To negate the amount of breakages schools have also took the decision to give FREE covers with all of our leases too. Deciding on which case […]

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