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7 pieces of must-have tech for the office

27th November 2014

In the 1990s, the average office was a rather beige place. Computers came in various shades of cream, and the most interactive bit of kit was the dot matrix printer in the corner. These days, you can’t move for weird boxes and gadgets in the workplace, and it’s not always easy to tell the difference […]

How much is it to rent a laptop?

25th November 2014

When weighing up renting vs buying, cost is a primary concern. Businesses need to know that they’re getting the kit they need at the most affordable price, and that includes the potential for resale value. So how do prices compare? We thought we would take a look at typical laptop rental prices, as priced in […]

London branch office now open

13th November 2014

After a short absence due to a delay in securing the purchase of our own permanent office space in London… we are excited to be back and operating in London.. and back as the only Authorised Apple Reseller in the Old Street/Shoreditch area. Our branch office is situated in the heart of the capital. This gives […]

Four of the best cafes to work from in London

4th November 2014

Working from a café sounds so appealing. Rock up when you like, take full advantage of the Wi-Fi, and enjoy a never-ending flow of fresh Joe. At least, that’s the theory. Some cafes are not conducive to work, and that flashing cursor never seems to move once you’re set up at a table. Finding your […]

Is it better to lease or buy a computer?

7th October 2014

There are so many makes, models, styles and sizes of computer, with seemingly constant upgrades coming onto the market. Rapid technological changes and innovations mean that a model could become obsolete in a relatively short space of time. With the prospect of regular upgrades a reality for users, many are turning to leasing, ensuring they […]

HardSoft Business Bundles explained

23rd September 2014

Just to detail these Offers….. The Mac Business Bundle- includes a Warranty Upgrade – to include Loan Mac whilst yours is repaired for a total of three years; Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (the Business edition that includes Outlook) , Unlimited Cloud Backup Upgrade and AVG Anti-Virus for Mac ……… all for just £1.40 per week extra on a three year flexible […]

Why your business needs an iPad…

19th August 2014

iPads have always been a great accessory for personal use and they are becoming ever more popular in schools. But what about business users? Apple themselves give little information on their website about how businesses can best utilise the iPad and there are surprisingly few articles online from independent websites. So, as a leaser of […]

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