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Short-term hire of Computers. Solve your temporary IT demands.

17th August 2013

‘Work From Home’ offer… Ten x Lenovo V130 Laptops for 30 days @ £145/€160 each Shipped with Windows 10 Professional and includes delivery & collection to a single location in the UK or Ireland….. Click to view offer… Apple Mac’s, PC Desktops, iPads are all available for quick 24-48 delivery from our massive stocks. Lease or […]

Compliant Operating Leases for Schools

23rd July 2013

Schools of today are expected to be equipped with the latest computing technology, ranging anywhere from computers to printers and interactive whiteboards. The iPad is the must thing in education today. Not only does technology offer students of all ages a diverse and enjoyable learning experience, knowing how to utilise it is fast becoming a […]

18 Months 0% Financing for Business users

18th June 2013

HardSoft have been offering computer business leasing for many many years and for the last six months a 0% Personal finance option for home users………. The one thing this has caused is a lot of lease customers asking if they can get some of the great benefits of Flexi lease while getting a true 0% solution […]

So what’s new about the new Macbook Air?

15th June 2013

So this week we have had the normal rumour mongering, fanfare and hysteria that often precedes Apple’s WWDC conference. However for Mac hardware fans the WWDC didn’t offer up much as was expected or hope. There were two hardware updates though, the announcement of a very impressive new small Mac Pro with a less impressive […]

iPad Hire for Schools

24th April 2013

With the advent of some amazing Apps and Tools for the educational market the Apple iPad has become an essential part of the Classroom.  The iPad in the Learning environment has revolutionised the classroom and has inspired teaching professionals and students alike with interactive features that cannot be found in any textbook; with built in […]

Time to Renew ?

13th April 2013

A few taboos remain regarding the leasing of computers. Perhaps the most common is the idea that leasing is inflexible, meaning that those involved are tied down to long contracts where equipment quickly becomes out-of-date. If you understand how a mobile phone contract works then leasing computers with HardSoft is the same principal. At HardSoft, […]

What is a ModBook Pro ?

11th April 2013

…essentially it’s 13” MacBook Pro modified to a Tablet with touch screen capability…. and HardSoft are proud to be one of the first Authorised stockists in the UK. So, the first question to ask is: what makes it different to this product or any other tablet on the market for that matter ? The ModBook […]

More 0% for Home Users

14th March 2013

We are now well into offering zero per cent –interest free -Personal finance so we thought we would write a round-up of what we offer and how it works for those who haven’t seen it yet. In short over the many years HardSoft has been offering affordable business leasing we have always been asked if […]

More SSD options

25th February 2013

and less cost…. Solid State Drives (SSD) have constantly been dropping in price since their introduction some years ago, which is great because this fantastic technology is reaching the stage it is massively affordable no matter what your requirements as a user. Don’t get me wrong as a GB per £1 solution it is still […]

Refit at our office

15th February 2013

Having had our  Store in Shoreditch, East London for over 6 months we took it through a refit over the Christmas period.  It has been a great success being the only Apple Authorised stockist in the City of London and with a wealth of Microsoft and Hewlett Packard PC experience we have the knowledge to […]

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