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Asus ROG Flow X13

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2in1 Gaming Laptop compatible with XG Mobile Dock

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Unleash the power of versatility and portability with the Asus ROG Flow X13, a groundbreaking 2-in-1 gaming laptop that redefines the boundaries of mobile gaming. This compact and ultra-light device packs a punch, featuring a 13.4-inch display that immerses you in vibrant visuals and a responsive touchscreen for intuitive control.

Witness smooth and fluid gameplay with the high refresh rate display, complemented by Adaptive Sync technology to eliminate screen tearing. The ROG Flow X13 also features a proprietary eGPU, the XG Mobile, for an extra boost in graphics performance when docked. This external GPU adds a new dimension to your gaming experience without compromising on mobility.

Designed with attention to detail, the ROG Flow X13 boasts a durable magnesium-aluminum chassis that exudes premium craftsmanship. The backlit keyboard enhances the gaming ambiance, while the array of ports, including Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, and HDMI, ensures seamless connectivity for all your peripherals.

Whether you’re conquering the virtual battlefield or unleashing your creative prowess, the Asus ROG Flow X13 stands as a testament to innovation, delivering a compact, powerful, and versatile solution for those who demand the best in gaming and productivity on the go. Elevate your mobile gaming experience with the Asus ROG Flow X13 and redefine what’s possible.

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