Apple iPad leasing for Schools

Leasing iPad from Hardsoft is the wise choice for your School as we include warranty, insurance and a refresh option.

At HardSoft we offer your school an operating lease which is recommended by the Department of Education. They offer guidance through a leaflet that is available here. We very much tick all the boxes of their recommendations as you can see below:

  • Get to know us - established since 1983 HardSoft Computers are authorised Apple iPad Reseller and Microsoft Business Partners. As leasing specialists we have spent many years training our technicians to a very high standard with expert knowledge and authorisation on both PC and Apple platforms. Also as a licensed credit broker we provide operating leases via underwriters who conform and are members of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA). The FLA is not compulsory but members abide to standards set out for plain English paperwork, customer service and a recommended complaints procedure if necessary.
  • Insurance to cover accidental damage
  • Insurance to cover accidental damage - every lease for a school has all equipment covered by a comprehensive insurance cover, meaning any Apple iPad that is accidentally damaged will be fixed or replaced at no cost to your school. Currently without this sort of specialist cover schools are exposed for damage to iPads by students and teachers which can be costly to repair. A dropped iPad would be over £150 to repair a screen. With our insurance it is covered.
  • Insurance for theft or loss - all our school leases cover loss or theft. increasingly theft is becoming a major problem, as an example Suffolk are reporting over 45 thefts in 2012 with over £150,000 worth of it equipment being stolen. Our insurance policy, which is included, covers your organisation for theft. Also individual losses by staff or students are covered as well.
  • Equipment Renewal/ Upgrade - our normal lease is capped at a 3 year term. However uniquely we will offer a renewal of your Apple iPads after only 2 years. At this point of the lease we will provide an option to take back the old iPads and cancel the original lease leaving you free to take a new lease on the latest Apple iPads. If you wish to keep the original iPads you can, but there would be a small cost to do this which we can add to the lease.
  • full 3 year warranty
  • Full 3 year Warranty - as standard all Apple iPads supplied will have a 3 year warranty to cover any problems. Our first line of support is a free telephone technical support line who will ascertain the fault. In the event of a hardware issue with an iPad we will send a replacement that day and swap it for the faulty one. Ensuring you have minimal down time and at no additional cost.
Lease Aggrement

In choosing HardSoft you enter into a partnership with an expert IT company with years of experience who are also a finance expert. We are essentially a one stop shop for Apple iPad leasing and will organise the paperwork, supply the equipment, install and train staff if need be; technically support the equipment during your lease and ensure you have working equipment at all times; plus we will manage any broken, lost or damaged equipment for you.

Comprehensive 3 Year insurance package for Apple iPads for your School.

Insurance Policy

Having heard the concerns of students, teachers, bursers and ICT technicians we have committed to offer an option comprehensive insurance package for every Apple iPad supplied to a school. By having an inclusive insurance policy with us as the original supplier it makes it very easy for your school to handle an insurance claim and receive a fast resolution meaning you are not without equipment for any prolonged period of time.

Our comprehensive policy in conjunction with Burnetts, covers the 3 key areas that offer concern to schools:

  • Cost - we offer an option, from £1 a month, to include insurance in your lease and covers the whole 3 year term there are no extra annual costs; no increases in premium will be forced upon you so you can budget and plan for your IT and insurance costs.
  • Accidental Damage - clearly in the environment of a school an Apple iPad can be subject to accidental damage quite easily. Even the most careful student or teacher for that matter may drop or spill something on their iPad device. After reporting this and a quick check at our workshop we aim to repair or replace damaged items with 48 hours.
  • Theft - as Apple iPads are highly desirable and expensive small devices there has been a sharp increase in theft from schools of a mass scale. The following article reports over 45 thefts in the last year on schools alone in the Suffolk area, read more.
Ipad Insurance

Without the correct policy in place a large scale theft can cause many days of down time for a schools ICT unit; can consume precious teaching time and may be costly. Our insurance on the Apple iPads covers these possible problems and in the event of a theft we would require a crime number to process replacement equipment within a few days.

Of course there will always be a form required to confirm how an accident took place or a crime number if something has been stolen. But as we hold all your information we can prepopulate these and expedite it to either send a new iPad or repair one very quickly.

full 3 year warranty

Giving an unrivalled approach and service to all your Schools technical support needs.

Having been established for over 20 years, through 2 recessions, we understand the importance of customer advice before a sale and service after a sale. Our package of support with full 3 year warranty and comprehensive insurance on all Apple iPads for the term of the lease shows our commitment to supporting your school. With this full inclusive approach it makes it easier and less time consuming for you and your staff to report faulty equipment and damaged product, with a resolution by way of a replacement product in less than 48 hours.

Due to our understanding of the schools lease market and our approach to give an all inclusive package for supply, support and insurance we have many happy clients. Here is some examples of how we have helped some schools achieve their technology goals:

With a fully inclusive support package this minimises both time spent on problems by your ICT staff and also the downtime for faulty product.

Unique Service - the process

Through experience of dealing with schools we have streamlined the process for faulty iPads to ensure the process is easy for you and we get the correct information to resolve the problem. Any faulty products we only require the fault description and serial number emailed to our technical support desk.

Upon approval of a replacement, usually within 1 hour, we will despatch the same working day a replacement iPad on a "swap it" basis. We will email you a delivery time for the new iPad and our courier will drop a new one off and collect the faulty one at the same time. This is a unique, fast service that no other IT provider offers at present.

Cost control

Our 3 year warranty is a free service for all our Apple iPad customers. You are not paying extra and as it covers the equipment for 3 years you have no additional annual maintenance bills or premiums. With a lease from HardSoft you can budget for the supply of iPads on a monthly payment plan that has both a full warranty and comprehensive insurance policy incorporated allowing easy budgeting and control of your cash flow.

Parent Lease- iPads for Students - What we do

ipads for students

We offer a very easy scheme to allow your school to offer iPads to every student.

Parent Lease- iPads for Students - What we do

At HardSoft we understand the importance of moving with the times and keeping up to date with the latest technology. The Internet is loaded with a vast amount of teaching resources from tutorial videos, practice questions and apps designed to enhance your pupils’ educational development.

In the US, pupils collect their Apple iPad on arrival at class. It’s a tool for them to learn, create, solve problems and understand. The U.K. is rapidly catching up, but there are still some schools that don’t have the financial means to provide their pupils with access to an Apple iPad.

Most Schools and Academies are aspiring to equip all students with their own device to give them access to these great resources, but with prices constantly rising, it’s understandable that not every family can afford it. For that reason, we have developed a unique leasing arrangement that allows you to equip pupils with their own iPad at no extra cost to you.

HardSoft have been offering finance solutions for over 20 years and are now expanding their expertise to the educational market and with our unique Parent Lease we can offer a scheme with benefits to both the school and the parent.

How it works

iPads are expensive, but with our Parent Lease, the school gets the parent to pay for the iPad. Therefore giving no exposure to the school but allowing the parent to access brand new equipment on an easy to pay monthly direct debit.

  • Low month cost for the parent (as little as £11.50)
  • Access to the latest technology
  • No upfront payment or deposit
  • No credit check
  • Full warranty and insurance
  • No risk for the School

We will collect the parent's payments for you, and as they have full insurance there is never any argument or downtime if a machine is broken or stops working.

What you get

  • 1 x Apple iPad Air with Retina Display - 16GB WiFi only in Black or White.
  • 1 x INSURANCE COVER - Covers accidental damage, theft and GAP insurance for missed payments
  • 1 x GAP INSURANCE - covering the school and parent for shortfall or inability to pay
  • 1 x 3 YEAR "SWAP IT" WARRANTY - any faulty iPads are swapped out the next working day and the faulty one collected.

Monthly Cost only £11.50 per month

We will also come along and deliver the iPads for a given year group and carry out a training day for staff, ICT, pupils and parent. From an admin point of view we then setup an online administration system for tracing, billing and further orders. The schools administration will be easy so in practice your school notifies parents and takes orders either via a web portal or manually giving a choice of iPad Air, iPad 2 or iPad mini.

The numbers in depth

The parents pay the rental on the equipment net of VAT, so have an immediate 20% saving over purchasing an iPad and have an easy to pay monthly DDM

Parents will be asked to contribute a voluntary donation by direct debit, at the suggested amount. This donation can either be an upfront amount or a regular monthly amount. The School will lease the iPads and associated items including the case, insurance and warranty.

ipads for schools

The iPads remain the property of the school for the duration of the scheme (two years or three years) however the child has full use of the device both at home and at school. Parental contributions are a charitable donation towards the programme, not a payment towards the iPad. It is not a lease or purchase scheme.

However, at the end of the scheme, if families wish to take ownership of the iPad, the school will make a payment on their behalf (at market value) and transfer ownership to them.

With over 20 years experience Hardsoft can help your School with the perfect iPad solution.

ipads for schools

Having been established for over 20 years, through 2 recessions, we understand the importance of customer advice before a sale and service after a sale. Our package of support with full 3 year warranty and comprehensive insurance on all Apple iPads for the term of the lease shows our commitment to supporting your school. With this full inclusive approach it makes it easier and less time consuming for you and your staff to report faulty equipment and damaged product, with a resolution by way of a replacement product in less than 48 hours.

Due to our understanding of the schools lease market and our approach to give an all inclusive package for supply, support and insurance we have many happy clients. Here is some examples of how we have helped some schools achieve their technology goals:

Mountnessing CE Primary School

Mountnessing CE Primary School (Brentwood, Essex) wanted every pupil in the school to have a computer. Their vision was to roll this out over five years. By making full use of the HardSoft Flexi-Lease they made their first payment five months after the installation of their new Laptops, and eighteen months into the contract they can have a further 32 Laptops without increasing their quarterly investment. Under this scheme every child will have a Laptop.

Delabole Primary School

Delabole Primary School (Delabole, Cornwall) amazingly have over 200 Samsung Notebooks, one for every pupil. They deferred payment by six months to fit their budget and have since been able to add a further 100 Notebooks to their lease without increasing payments. The lease was specifically designed so that the school could not only upgrade, but increase the number of Notebooks within the same payments.

Robartes Junior School

Robartes Junior School (Bodmin, Cornwall) took advantage of the HardSoft Operating Lease as it satisfied the guide-lines laid down by the LEA and their budget. The school initially leased twenty PCs and ten Laptops and when they needed to add another network server they did so without increasing payments.

Apple iPad hire and rental FAQ's

Why Lease?

Schools will lease for a number of reasons. The main two are to update equipment regularly and to assist with cashflow (for example, yearly budgets may not be sufficient to purchase equipment outright) Today, Virtually anything moveable can be leased with the most common items being Ipads, desktops, laptops, note books & Other IT Equipment.

What Options can you offer my School?

school options

Typically we currently deal with 2 enquiries and as Apple iPad specialist they mainly revolve around two scenarios.

Firstly schools who are looking to equip a mobile classroom and the school pays the lease. So typically we would specify 30 or so Apple iPads, complete with a charging and syncing trolley plus a Macbook to configure the iPads and a HardSoft technician to train your ICT person. This is then put on an operating lease with 3 year warranty and insurance for around £375 + vat per month for the package. Obviously the numbers of iPads can change but essentially it is a school internal requirement.

Secondly, and usually where iPad's have been in a school environment for some time we are working with schools to look at providing iPads for all students in their school. Using a Parental contribution and including insurances for damage, loss and lack of payment. We offer an iPad for Student scheme that is cost neutral to the school and light on administration but allows us to put a brand new iPad Air in a student's hand for only £10 a month.

Is it more than buying?

NO. An operating lease offers better value and a cheaper repayment by upto 20% than purchasing directly from a supplier.

What sort of lease should I have?

There is now some very clear guidelines on this. You may be offered two types of leases, HardSoft only offer a legally compliant Operating Lease. As part of this the school rents the equipment and has no ownership rights at the end. DfE guidelines state:

"An Operating Lease is the only type of lease a School should enter into. These leases involve the School paying a rental fee for the hire of an asset for a period of time, and similar to a rental agreement. No other types of lease, such as a Finance lease or Hire purchase, may be entered into by the School as this is a form of borrowing" (Buy Goods Service section of Departments website).

However some lease companies and other computer suppliers may offer you a finance lease. These are illegal for a school to commit to, the current DfE guideline states:

"All LA maintained schools are expressly forbidden from entering into any form of Finance Lease without approval of the Secretary of State for Education. This constitutes borrowing and is prohibited under section 3.9 of the Local Authority Scheme for Financing Schools ." The Department for Education’s Guidance on the use of Leases by Schools

"Finance leases are borrowing, which is therefore illegal unless the Secretary of State has given written permission."(Hertfordshire County Council)

dropped iPad

What if I drop it?

We can and generally do include insurance in our leases covering accidental damage, loss or theft. In these instances we may require an explanation and picture but a machine is repaired or replaced within 48 hours. Please check your quote to ensure insurance is included.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

Your school has the option to either return the equipment at the end of the lease term or if you are still using the equipment you can opt to extend the rental period by up to 12 months at a reduced rental cost. Remember under DfE guides you are in an Operating leases which acts as a pure rental not a loan.

Key Benefits

old vs new

PC's for Schools

PC desktop and Laptops still remain the mainstay of Schols ICT. Although the iPad is changing the learning experience with some amazing Apps, features and portability , the main teaching of Computing is still done on PC’s in the Windows operating system.

At HardSoft we are Approved Reseller’s for PC manufacturers such as Toshiba, HP and Lenovo and our support staff are trained on all Microsoft Operating Systems.

As such we can offer a full range of PC’s on lease for your school and have partnered with Microsoft to assist with training in Schools. With all the benefits of our 3 year “swap out” warranty, options of insurance you can add more PC’s to your school IT suite with minimal outlay and a full after sales support service using the HardSoft Lease.

PC pricing is also cheaper than Apple Mac, and there is a larger selection of add on peripherals such as printers and screens as there are many more manufacturers making compatible items for PC’s.

In addition we will offer a full installation service, if needed, and for quantity orders of over 20 machines you will also get at least one days free train at your school. For orders of 50 or more you are entitled to 3 days free training. This training can be adapted to your specific needs and can focus on consultancy on Strategic Planning or Teacher training on subjects such as Cross Curricular Windows Tools or as basic as a Basic introduction to Windows 8 Tablets.

Please find a selection of PC Desktops, Laptops and Tablets which are available on our School Leasing Schemes. If you have any questions or wish to discuss alternative specifications then either click on our webchat below or email

Education PC's - Call for other options

It is cheaper to lease from us over 3 years than to buy direct from Apple

Toshiba Satellite Pro C50 Laptop

Perfect Student laptop with Intel i3 CPU, 15.6” Screen, 500GB HDD and 4GB Ram with either Windows 7 or 8. Built in DVDRW, Wifi and HD Webcam.


3 year lease
Prices From

£8.90 +VAT

per month

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Toshiba Encore WT8 Tablet

The definitive alternative to the Apple iPad. For schools wishing to stay Windows based for Tablet devices this HD 8” device of just 479 grams is the best on the market.

Toshiba Tablet

3 year lease
Prices From

£6.45 +VAT

per month

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HP 3500 Mini Tower PC's

We offer a wide range of PC’s from HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu. Starting from £ 11.45 a month with options on screens and Office licences.

Mini Tower

3 year lease
Prices From

£11.45 +VAT

per month

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HP Proliant Server Options

Starting with the HP ML310, as quoted, we offer a range of Tower and Rack Mount servers to suit all your needs. All with 3 year warranty you are covered for the whole lease. Installation service is available at optional extra cost.

Server Options

3 year lease
Prices From

£32.40 +VAT

per month

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