Henge Docking Bundle for Apple MacBooks

Add a Henge Docking Unit + Magic Keyboard & Trackpad 2 + Spare Notebook Charger + 22" LED Display to your lease at £2.75 per week

Henge dock

HardSoft have an offer on Henge Docks when included as part of a flexible leasing package on a new Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

The Henge is a docking station for 13 inch and 15 inch Apple MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. It essentially allows you to transform your Macbook into a semi-permanent desktop as and when you want to. As the video below shows (we advise that you have a quick look) the MacBook fits tidily into the docking station, allowing it to transform quickly, cleanly and easily into a desktop setup. With a primary focus on elegance, few cables mean that the docking station tucks away your MacBook neatly and prevents your desk space from looking cluttered. The Apple keyboard and track-pad simply plug into the Henge Clique for it to be fully utilised in a desktop format. Once you have chosen the correct size dock to fit your MacBook, it is instantly compatible and doesn’t require any extras. What’s more, each dock comes with a custom USB, Ethernet and Audio connections with Firewire cables being included in some models.

The Henge Dock isn't just limited to desktop use either. It can also be plugged into a television or home cinema system which makes it great for watching movies or playing online games on a big screen with the whole family. If you end up using your Henge constantly, as it is likely you will, there isn’t any reason to worry about your MacBook as the sleek and easy design of the Henge Docking Unit means that it doesn’t damage your laptop when being plugged in and unplugged. This really does create a total solution as it provides you with portability and permanence all in one.

Furthermore, for £3.50 per week we can offer this exact solution with an LG 27" Full HD LED IPS Display as an alternative. (Please enter HENGE27 into Rebate Box at Checkout if you would prefer the larger screen).

So can you consider this total solution as a serious alternative to an iMac? Here at HardSoft we believe you can! The Henge Dock allows you to really make the most of all your MacBook has to offer. Whilst laptops are handy as a result of their portability there are still advantages to desktop use, even if it’s just nice to sit properly at a desk every once in a while!

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