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imac server leasingBefore considering a Mac Server......... the new version of MacOS (High Sierra) is available and it's Server functionality has been severely reduced as Apple pull back support for Servers and push towards Cloud only Servers. It's less usable as a Server platform YET has improved compatibility with Windows 2016 Server. Add into the mix that HP have released new faster secure Servers then the game has now changed in that your new Server for the Mac environment should be a Windows Server.

Apple Networks are now easier to configure and easier to maintain. Our Apple hire networks here at HardSoft feature 21.5” iMacs and the new Mac mini server. If you need more power then let us install the Mac Pro Server which features Firewall and the flexible Drobo FS back-up system. All Apple leasing packages include everything to run your business with three years telephone/remote support and an option to upgrade to on-site hardware maintenance. Cabling and installation costs can be included within your Apple lease.Network Needs Calculator

Our typical Apple iMac network is the perfect Apple leasing solution for small creative businesses. Microsoft Office 365 can be added for all Macs as can printers and other peripherals. (We offer Mac leasing with storage solutions from Drobo, Seagate, QNAP and Promise). Backup is resolved by a two-fold solution. Data is sent to the Seagate NAS in real time and a nightly back up of essential data is sent off site. This data can be accessed remotely and the last 14 days of data can be recovered. The Kerio Connect software is the Mac alternative to Microsoft Exchange and also offer Sophos Anti-Virus protection.

All Mac leasing and hire packages include everything to run your business with three years telephone /remote support by Apple Certified Technical Coordinators. For enhanced support our Gold option includes a Loan Mac should yours need to go away for repair. This 5 User Apple Mac Network utilises wireless connectivity but we do offer a CAT5 Cabling service that can be included within the lease costs. 

Our helpful sales team will be happy to assist you with either one of the following Apple Network lease packages or put together a bespoke package to suit your business needs. Call 0207 111 1643 or email today to arrange your Apple lease! 

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An Apple lease with HardSoft offers so much more than just your new IT. With 3 years FREE warranty, we offer 2 years more than Apple do! Our unlimited telephone technical support also means that you do not have to deal with timely and expensive IT support from outside sources. Our experienced and highly trained technical support team are on the road and in multiple offices across the UK. If you have a faulty machine, your Mac hire agreement will cover the pick up- repair and return of your device not only free of charge but in a timely manner. We also have a pool of loan machines that you can take advantage of, negating any down time. 

Apple iMac leasing from HardSoft will give you the peace of mind that you are dealing with an IT specialist and a finance authority. With over 30 years of trading, we will be able to assist you. Any size company can benefit from leasing and if you are a start up business you will get the same great deals as established companies. Bank loans often charge much higher rates and with hefty arrangement fees, make borrowing extremely costly. A lease is 100% tax efficient and our packages come with everything a business needs for the duration of your Apple lease. 

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