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The new iMac Pro is available to lease on 3 or 4 year contracts now

iMac pro leasing

The new space grey iMac Pro is a supercharged 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display that includes up to 18-core Intel Xeon processors and AMD Vega graphics.

HardSoft offer your choice of either 3 or 4 year lease terms for the iMac Pro. Naturally the 4 years is cheaper. Both are on our 'Flexi-Lease' whereby you have the option to Return/Retain/Renew...on a Three year lease you can choose at two years to Return the iMac and cancel OR renew into a new contract (choosing whether to part-ex your iMac Pro or keep it) OR just keep paying until the end of the three year contract and retain it for a £1. On the 4 year contracts these options occur at the 3 year point.

no quibble warranty plus loan equipment

Sitting in the same size chassis as the current 27-inch iMac the new iMac Pro features a choice of 8, 10, 14 or 18 core CPU’s. The AMD Pro Vega graphics (available in 8GB or 16GB RAM) are three times faster than any current iMac and are designed for 3D rendering and high frame rates for VR. Choose up to 128GB of ECC DDR4 RAM across the four memory bays and you can choose up to 4TB SSD. Then there is 10GBb Ethernet more sound and a brighter display.But all that iMac Pro power doesn’t come cheap… HardSoft offer leasing on the iMac Pro that brings affordability to business owners with a ‘No Quibble’ warranty that includes a loan iMac Pro should yours fail.

HardSoft are Authorised by Apple and have been trading since 1984. HardSoft are the only company dedicated to leasing the Apple iMac Pro to businesses in the UK and Ireland.Interested and want one? Then Email us here and we’ll email you a quotation

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Why is the 'Pure-Rental' price of the iMac Pro cheaper?FAQs banner

Q&A diceAll you need to know about leasing a new iMac Pro

Are there any extra costs over and above the prices?
No, though there is an Admin Fee shown on the paperwork for the iMac Pro which is normally £50

How quick is delivery of the iMac Pro?
Normally 2-3 days though ask us and we can do it quicker.

Is delivery included in the costs of the iMac Pro?
Yes. We can also deliver on a Saturday or Sunday to suit.

What if my Company has a CCJ or a poor credit history. Can I still lease a iMac Pro?
We may need to ask for Personal Indemnities and may ask for additional info to prove affordability such as a bank statement.

Do prices quoted for the iMac Pro exclude VAT?
Yes they all do.

How competitive are HardSoft lease prices on the iMac Pro?
Very. Established for  thirty years HardSoft invented IT leasing to small businesses and though not always the cheapest our service and overall package remains the best.

I am a home user, can I still lease a iMac Pro?
No you can’t, as it is legally not allowed. HardSoft do offer interest free credit on Apple iMac Pros. Have a look at

Which iMac Pro Processor should I get?
Apple has opted to use AMD's new Radeon Pro Vega graphics architecture in the iMac Pro. By default, the iMac Pro will come with a Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics processor with 8GB of HBM2 memory. You can bump this to a Vega 64 chip with 16GB of memory if you need the extra power.

Which iMac Pro storage size do I need?
The iMac Pro comes with four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports; there are also four USB 3 type-A ports for legacy peripherals, along with a 10GB Ethernet port, SDXC card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. You'll also get an extended space gray version of Apple's Magic Keyboard 2, along with the choice of either a Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Trackpad 2.

Why does the iMac Pro seem to lose clock speed as you spend more on the processor - also the entry product looks slower than the i7 iMac?
The iMac Pro is similar to the Mac Pro in the sense as you add cores you lose clock speed – this means to get the most out of the performance on the higher end models your software needs to be able to utilise those extra cores, There is also a lot more cache memory on the Xeon processors which will have a big impact on performance when compared to an i7 with a higher clock speed.

Why is the 'Pure-Rental' price of the iMac Pro cheaper?
Because you do not have the right to own the iMac Pro at the expiry of the lease. It is simply a long-term hire whereby you return the equipment at the expiry.

Does HardSoft add Insurance and add it to the direct debit after delivery?
No, we don’t but we may do so if you cannot confirm that you have your own cover in place. If we are forced to add insurance, it is about £110 per annum per iMac Pro. This is a very competitive ‘all-risks’ policy.

When is the first direct debit paid for my new iMac Pro?
It’s is paid on the first of the month following delivery.

Is there an APR on the lease of the iMac Pro? 
Leasing is a ‘hire agreement’ and therefore is not subject to any APR calculations.

Are you Apple Authorised?
Yes we are and have been for over ten years. Our registration with Apple is 300206. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Can I take my iMac Pro to an Apple Store for repair?
You can only in the first year. You will find our Three years No Quibble warranty is better than Apple Care. It includes a Loan MacBook whilst yours is away being repaired.

How long is the Lease?
It’s three years though remember you can cancel and return iMac Pro after two years or Renew into a new contract – just like a mobile phone deal.

Do I have to pay a lump sum at the end to own the iMac Pro?
Our popular Flexi-Lease includes the option to own for normally £1. If you choose the cheaper ‘Pure-Rental’ then yes, you will need to buy the equipment at the then market price.

I am a student, can I lease a iMac Pro?
No. Unfortunately offers are only for business users including the self-employed.

Is there a ‘cooling off period’ when I lease a iMac Pro?
No. Unless you are a Sole Trader where the Consumer Credit Act is applicable. 

Leasing your iMac Pro from HardSoft couldn't be easier! For the most affordable and TAX EFFICENT way to update your technology call one of our helpful sales advisers today on 020 7111 1643. 

Technical teamOur iMac Pro lease package comes with 3 years warranty and unlimited remote support. HardSoft technicians are trained to a very high standard with Apple certifications. In the office and on the road, you will always have access to our experienced team wherever you are in the UK. If you have any problems with your Mac covered by warranty, we will collect, repair and return free of charge in a timely manner. We will also offer a loan machine to keep you up and running... all free of charge. 

With technology updating at such a fast pace, you can take advantage of our exciting upgrade options. Return, Retain or Renew your lease after just 24 months. Specialising in IT as well as an authority on finance, HardSoft have over 30 years experience helping SMB's expand and grow. Leasing Apple iMacs is usually at a much lower rate than a bank loan and with multiple repayment structures and options to choose from, we can find the right package for you. HardSoft do not penalise new business and will offer the same great deals to new and established businesses.

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