Apple iMac Pro Leasing

The new iMac Pro is available to lease on 3 or 4 year contracts now

iMac pro leasing

The new space grey iMac Pro is a supercharged 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display that includes up to 18-core Intel Xeon processors and AMD Vega graphics.

HardSoft offer your choice of either 3 or 4 year lease terms for the iMac Pro. Naturally the 4 years is cheaper. Both are on our 'Flexi-Lease' whereby you have the option to Return/Retain/Renew...on a Three year lease you can choose at two years to Return the iMac and cancel OR renew into a new contract (choosing whether to part-ex your iMac Pro or keep it) OR just keep paying until the end of the three year contract and retain it for a £1. On the 4 year contracts these options occur at the 3 year point.

Sitting in the same size chassis as the current 27-inch iMac the new iMac Pro features a choice of 8, 10, 14 or 18 core CPU’s. The AMD Pro Vega graphics (available in 8GB or 16GB RAM) are three times faster than any current iMac and are designed for 3D rendering and high frame rates for VR. Choose up to 128GB of ECC DDR4 RAM across the four memory bays and you can choose up to 4TB SSD. Then there is 10GBb Ethernet more sound and a brighter display.But all that iMac Pro power doesn’t come cheap… HardSoft offer leasing on the iMac Pro that brings affordability to business owners with a ‘No Quibble’ warranty that includes a loan iMac Pro should yours fail.

HardSoft are Authorised by Apple and have been trading since 1984. HardSoft are the only company dedicated to leasing the Apple iMac Pro to businesses in the UK and Ireland.Interested and want one? Then Email us here and we’ll email you a quotation

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