Lease and Hire the Apple iMac 21.5-inch

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HardSoft delivers personalised Apple leasing solutions, get an Apple iMac at only £9.40 on a flexible business lease.

The exceptionally slim iMac 21.5" features 7th Generation Intel Core processors based upon the Kaby Lake chipset and is available with a Core i5 with options to upgrade to an i7 CPU. With options to upgrade storage up to 2TB Flash Drive and Ram to 64GB on all products it’s the perfect iMac for your business. Use HardSoft Computer Leasing service to tailor your machine to match your needs. Complete with HD Facetime Camera,  connectivity with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3 it allows you connectivity with a variety of different external devices. Housed in a sleek case which is only 5mm at its thinnest edge it is designed to death.   

The HardSoft Apple leasing & hire package is just that flexible. You can choose to Retain, Return or Renew your iMac lease after just 24 months. This means you can upgrade your technology sooner than the term of the lease. There is also the option to take ownership of your device from just £1+VAT at the end of the iMac lease. Just like your mobile phone contract, you can upgrade your iMac. 

Contact our helpful sales team today on 0207 111 1643 or email for further information on why leasing makes great business sense. There are so many options available, we can tailor make a quote to suit all of your IT needs on a payment schedule to suit your business. 

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Leasing the Apple iMac is perfect for business users as its includes a full 3 Year 'Collect and Return' Warranty and telephone technical support so you are covered against any hardware issues. 

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We will collect any faulty machine and repair it for free in a timely manner. You can also take advantage of our loan machine to keep you up and running. The HardSoft technical team will also be on hand throughout the duration of your lease for unlimited remote support. With full Apple Certification, the technical team are based in multiple locations and on the road.

The HardSoft Apple iMac lease offers 100% tax relief and is usually at a much lower rate than a bank loan. With no hidden arrangement fees, Apple Mac leasing makes great business sense. New companies are also offered the same great deals as established ones; the flexibility available for payment schedules also promotes great cash flow.​


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