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Alogic Elite Power Laptop Stand

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Alogic Laptop Stand is your portable productivity companion.

Lease the Alogic Laptop Stand with anti-slip base to securely hold in place

Say goodbye to discomfort and welcome a healthier, more comfortable work environment. The Alogic Laptop Stand raises your laptop to eye level, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders, promoting better posture during extended work sessions. The Alogic Laptop Stand Supports 11” to 17” laptops including all MacBooks. 

Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, this laptop stand is as stylish as it is functional. Its compact form factor not only saves desk space but also adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Engineered to accommodate various laptop sizes, the Alogic Laptop Stand is compatible with most laptops on the market. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and support for your device.

Lightweight and easily foldable, the Alogic Laptop Stand is your portable productivity companion. Take it with you wherever you go, transforming any space into an ergonomic workspace. Enjoy hassle-free assembly with the Alogic Laptop Stand. Effortlessly set up your workspace and dive into your tasks without any unnecessary delays. The Alogic Laptop Stand has Adjustable height and angle for comfortable working position! 

The Alogic Laptop Stand has up to 10W Wireless fast charge pad for com so need to worry about running out of charge! Upgrade your workstation with the Alogic Laptop Stand – where comfort, style, and functionality converge for a seamless computing experience.

Pair the stand with the Alogic Clarity Pro Touch Monitor

front view image of the alogic TOUCH monitor

Alogic Clarity Pro Touch Monitor

Navigate through your digital tasks with effortless precision using the responsive touch-sensitive screen. The Alogic Clarity Pro Touch Monitor transforms your workspace into an intuitive environment, allowing you to interact with content, applications, and creative projects with a simple touch. Learn more!… 

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