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Alogic Dual 4K Display Docking Station

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The Alogic Docking Station has the ability to dual screen on M1/M2 chip devices, previously a limitation but easy set up to get dual screen. 

Step into the realm of unparalleled visual clarity with dual 4K displays supported by the Alogic Docking Station. Transform your workspace into a cinematic experience, whether you’re immersed in creative design, analyzing data, or conducting virtual meetings. Enjoy crystal-clear visuals that bring your work to life.

Adaptability is key, and the Alogic Docking Station ensures seamless compatibility with a variety of devices. Connect effortlessly to laptops, tablets, and other USB-enabled devices, enhancing your workflow without limitations. The dual USB-A and USB-C ports provide flexibility, making it a universal docking solution for diverse work environments.

Experience the enhanced connectivity of ALOGIC’s Dual 4K Universal Compact Docking Station, featuring dual HDMI outputs that facilitate the connection of two external displays, each supporting

Simplify your connectivity needs with the Alogic Docking Station’s comprehensive range of ports. From HDMI and DisplayPort to USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet, this docking station serves as a centralized hub for all your peripherals. Experience swift data transfers, connect multiple devices simultaneously, and enjoy a clutter-free workspace.

Expand your multitasking capabilities and optimise your workflow by connecting dual monitors to the Alogic Docking Station. With increased screen real estate, you gain better control over your work, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Seamlessly manage multiple applications, documents, or presentations with ease.

Docking StationAlogic USB-C Dual Display Dock – MX2 LiteAlogic Dual 4K Display Docking Station

Alogic DX3 Triple 4K Docking Station
Price Per Week£0.75£1.25£1.75
4K Screens Supported1 x 4K / 60Hz2 x 4K / 60Hz3 x 4K / 60Hz
5K Screens Supported
8K Screens Supported
USB-C Power Delivery85w100w100w
SD Card
USPGreat all rounder for Mac and PC usersDual Display on M1/M2 ChipAllows Dual/Triple Display on M1 Macs

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