Leasing your IT makes sense. It’s a fact that our biggest client group are... Accountants.

Clearly Accountants understand the financial benefits of leasing however the benefits of our services go much deeper and essentially we become your IT Department. Our sales people can plan and advise on equipment you need, whether you just need emails in the Cloud; Sage across the network or IRIS Accounting system. Our UK based dedicated support team will come, install and configure your IT- whether PC or Mac.

As Authorised Resellers for over 20 manufacturers we can provide a total leasing solution from Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Dell to name but a few. So we can truly offer a cross platform solution on Macs and PC’s in your business all installed and configured for you.

400 clients

We will be your outsourced IT Support desk and offer an Unlimited telephone and remote dial in helpdesk where we will call you back within an hour. Our current status means customer calls are returned within15 minutes. If there are issues that can’t be resolved remotely we will have an engineer to you the next working day to resolve. There are NO extra costs for any of this service no matter how much you use us.

400 clients

HardSoft have been established since 1984 and have many thousands of clients. We are proud of our service and that on average each client has at least two contracts with us. Many customers have been with us for decades and we are always happy to provide references.

3 Rs

A completely unique option from a Hardsoft lease. After 24 months of your lease we will offer 3 different options. The most exciting is the Renewal option meaning we will change your equipment early and give you the very latest equipment, the old lease is cancelled and we start a new three year business lease on your new IT.


Unlike other leases we guarantee that at the end of the 3 years you can own the equipment for with £ 1, if you take a new lease, or £59 if you don’t renew. Our competitors, such as PC World only allow you to purchase at “market value” and this is not a pre-set figure at the beginning of the lease. With us you can be sure of your future options.

400 clients

Why not recommend us to your clients ? You can be assured of longevity and excellent service to help your clients. Any recommendations we are happy to offer you an introductory commission equivalent to two months of the lease rentals.

400 clients

With every HardSoft lease we firstly offer pre-installation calls or visits. So if you have an existing network or older estate we can advise and ensure the new solution will do the job. Every system comes with Full installation and all our engineers are trained on both Windows and Mac platforms to ensure we can even hook up your phones for emails. Thereafter,

Why Flexi-Lease